The Crew

The Mr. 

aka my everything.

Robbie's his name
being the best husband around is his game.
Sorry ladies.

We started dating when we were 14
and I've been in love ever since.

Junior year.

We did the whole high-school drama 
"I love you, I hate you, I'll date your best friend" thing. 
(Okay, neither one of us actually dated the other's best friend,
but you get the point.)

Then we went to college
and decided to be real adults 
in a real relationship
(despite our team rivalries.) 

He proposed in April 2010.
I obviously said "are you serious?",
examined the ring closely (ha),
and said YES YES YES!

We got married in July 2011,
promised to be together forever and ever Amen,
partied down with 300 of our closest friends and family,
and began our new semi-grown-up life together.

But not until we honeymooned in paradise.

We bought a house 
and completely remodeled said house.
Where we continue to live happily ever after.

What makes him the best you say?
Well besides his handsome looks...

he goes grocery shopping,
does the laundry,
makes sure the trash is taken out every Friday,
surprises me with built-in desks,
challenges me,
makes me laugh,
keeps me sane,
gets along with my crazy (wonderful) family,
listens to all my ramblings,
supports me,
lets me snuggle him when I'm sad,
and so so so much more. 

I told you, he really is the best!



aka the loves of my life.

The baby train will not be stopping at this station for a while
I'm thinking we'll start to think about thinking about babies in like 5 years?

For now, my heart is being completely occupied by these two cuddlebugs.

Apparently they like to sleep too.

Meet Roxy and Willow.
They're best friends
and the best little pups a girl could ask for.

Roxy's a 7-year-old black lab.
She knows how to sit, shake, speak, and hog the bed.
She's had both hips replaced,
and skin cancer removed....twice.
But don't worry she's a trooper.
And the sweetest animal around.

Willow's a one-year-old piebald dachshund.
We're convinced she snorts crack in her kennel.
She knows zero tricks
unless you consider snuggling under covers,
posing for pictures,
and running after toys a trick.
She'll bark at you if you're new,
right before she licks your face off. 

They tend to pop up on the blog a lot.
I'm convinced everyone else thinks they're equally as cute as I do.
Consider yourself warned. 

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  1. Consider yourself warned-- haha, I love it. Maybe I should have put that on my blog (and my instagram).