New year, new bloggy-blog plans!

Delightfully Dunn is now accepting sponsors and PR! 


 If you have a product or company that fits with the vision of this lifestyle blog, I would love to work with you! Product reviews, company shoutouts, and promoting items that I would use and fall in love with are now available at my discretion.

Email me at so we can discuss more details! 


While this blog continues to grow, I would love to have your support, as well as be able to support you! Since we're just getting this shiz started, all sponsor spots will be FREE. That's right, folks. 
Your pretty little face/blog/button gets to go on that sidebar free of charge. 
Why, you may ask?
Because I love blogging and while I would like to hopefully turn this into more of business venture in the near future, for now it's still just about the love of blogging! 
A baby step into the world that is the blogging corporation if you will.

Send me an email for the free swap code and we can get your button up and running!


  1. Would love to swap ads with you! kelseyhomolka @

  2. We are BRAND new to the blogging world (launch 8.1.13) and would love to swap! After browsing (aka stalking) you this afternoon, I think our readership could come from the same group! Check us out and if you are interested, shoot me an email! Can't wait!