Monday, July 28, 2014

Things That (do and don't) Burn My Biscuit

Things that do burn my biscuit....

- Working during the day. Especially when it's sunny and 85. The. Worst.

- People who publicly start countdowns wayyyy too early. "385 days until I say I do." Hello? 385 days is still a long ass time. Public countdowns should not begin until we're in at least in double digits.

- The fact that so many people are already back at school setting up their classrooms. For one, it's too soon. Summer is still in full force...get out and enjoy it. For two, you're making the rest of us look like super slackers.

- When other people aren't on time.

- Crickets that chirp incessantly outside my bedroom window.

- The fact that I haven't been running in over a week and the fact that that bothers me.

- People who jump on bandwagons just for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon.


Things that do not burn my biscuit (and instead make me happy, happy, happy)...

- Dinners and drinks with teacher friends. Le duh.

- The Leadership Training I went to last week. So much good information. So many fun people. So much motivation for the year to come (that I'm bottling up and saving until August because summer is still in full force; see above.)

- Redbox movie nights at home with my family.

- Finally having making time for crafting.

- Robbie. Over and over again.

- Coming home to freshly mowed grass (thanks Carter).

- When blog friends write real books and get them published for the whole world to buy and read and love!

- Holding brand new babies.

- Listening to Pandora All. The. Time.

- Photobooths (only because these pictures are too funny not to share.)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear Robbie

Today marks our three year wedding anniversary. How has is already been three years?

Weren't we just leaving Tryon Palace, calling our parents, telling them that we were engaged?
And here we are - three years, two houses, one unemployment, three jobs, two careers, one back surgery, four cars, and countless kisses later. I couldn't imagine doing life with anyone other than you. I'm not sure I would even know how.

I am so blessed to have you as my husband and as my best friend. I have fallen in love with you harder than I ever thought I could.

Words can't express how proud I am of all you've accomplished, particularly in this past year. I know it's been crazy and nothing like we were expecting, but it has been perfect in every way. I wouldn't change one thing about these past three years even if I could.

I am so thankful for the way you love me, take care of me, make me laugh, and keep me safe. I am reassured everyday that God handpicked you for me and I could not be luckier to have you in my life.

Thanks for sitting through countless hours of Netflix marathons with me, for not laughing too hard at the ridiculous History questions I ask you, for being the best laundry folder in all the land, for making sure all our bills get paid on time because you know I have a mental block against numbers and deadlines, and really just for being you.

I can't wait to spend the next three times 30 years with you!

Love, M

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You'll Never Guess What I Did.

Meet Juan.
The friendliest fish I've ever met.
Besides my college pet fish Bartholemew (RIP). 

Swimming with dolphins is something we've always wanted to do but every other time we've had the chance it's been ridiculously expensive. We never really thought it would be worth it.
In Cancun, it was included in our room credits, if we wanted to do it. So, obviously, we all signed up.
Robbie couldn't go because of his back surgery, which was the only bad part. 

I was terrified.
I have an irrational fear of sharks.
And therefore, am not a huge fan of the ocean.
I love love love the beach, but I'm fine laying in the sand or just wading in the water.
I have no interest in swimming out deep with all the critters.
The first time I went snorkeling in high school, I chewed a hole right through my mouthpiece because I was grinding my teeth so hard.
So swimming right beside, touching, and kissing an actual dolphin was quite possibly the most nerve-racking thing ever.

But it was also so cool.

Our instructor taught us a lot about dolphins.
He actually reminded me of one of my students last year who was fascinated with all things "ocean animals" and would spit out these random facts about them to me any time I'd listen.
Like did you know, dolphins have belly buttons?

Anyway...Juan was great and it was quite the experience.
However, we all learned that a family of mermaids, we are not.

Monday, July 21, 2014


The whole fam damily. 

Y'all. I don't even know where to begin.
There is not an adjective in the book to adequately describe our trip to Mexico.
Wonderful will have to do, but even that doesn't quite do it justice.

A little back story in case you're new around these parts....

My parents separated when I was 15 (whomp whomp) and it was then that my mom decided to start making meaningful memories with our "new" family unit. Not that the memories we had before weren't meaningful, we just needed some new ones. That summer my mom, my brother, and I went on a cruise and just like that we were hooked. White sandy beaches, clear blue water, all you could eat buffets. Sign us up.

Fast forward to my sophomore year of college when my mom got remarried and we gained not only a stepfather but two new step-siblings. Another shift in family dynamic meant another need for "new family" memories.

My mom and stepdad knew that with four busy teenage schedules, coordinating a week alone would be difficult. We took a few week-long trips to the beach, but living only 45 minutes away meant everyone was constantly coming and going or bringing friends for the day or something else that restricted us from completely "unplugging" as a family of six (seven once Robbie officially came along).

Dragging us out of the country seemed to be the only logical option. Plus finding something all-inclusive was a no-brainer in the money department.

Cue the Domincan Republic in 2012. Our first official "Stedunbert" (our mixed family name) vacation. We hadn't been there two days before we already knew we were going to have to plan another, equally amazing all-inclusive family vacation.

Which brings us to today, well a month ago...when we traveled to the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexcio.

The food was delicious.
The pools were beautiful.
The alcohol was unlimited.
The people were amazing.

Overall, it was another perfect trip.

Disclaimer: My camera stayed in the room during the day because I was a bum and didn't feel like carrying anything around. Sooooo I have zero pictures of the actual resort, pools, beach, etc. I think my stepdad has some on his camera that might make an appearance in the near future.

5AM flight...ready to go!

As soon as we landed, my brother and I got a cold Corona. The only one I drank while there. It was the domestic beer on special, which kind of blew my mind. 

Night one at the lobby bar. 

"Mar" - my nickname!

Night two (I think).

The ladies. This was right before we ate at an Italian place. The food was delicious, but it was a little too fancy for me.

The cutest boys around.

Love my mama.

Brother/sister tequila shots. Judging by my face...this should have been the end of the night. It was not. I half way regretted that the next morning. 

This might have been our last night? It all kind of runs together. 

Our favorite bar by our favorite pool with our favorite bartender, Alberto (not in the picture). 
Live and die by the swing bar.

I really wanted this sombrero ha. We snagged a picture instead. 

KKCO in Mexico. #hottie

A few notes: Robbie and I traveled all-inclusive for our honeymoon for the first time and we are both such huge advocates for it now. It's a lot of money up front and airfare kicks you in the gut every time (woof) but it is worth every penny and more.

The simple fact that you don't have to worry about money at all once you get there is enough peace of mind for me, the girl who subconsciously keeps a running record of everything spent in her head.

We've now been the Hard Rock in Punta Cana, DR and the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico and both of these offered such a wide variety of everything. There's literally something for everyone. And it's all included. Massages, manicures, pedicures, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling.

If you're feeling adventurous there are a ton of different "excursions" you can sign up for (two years ago my stepdad and brother swam with sharks)! Or if you're looking for some serious R&R, you can take your pick of pools, park your tush, and enjoy the free drinks coming your way.

And the food. Y'all. The. Food. There are so many different types of food, you're guaranteed to find something you like. My mouth is still watering over the sushi we ate while we were in Cancun.

Obviously the best part of our vacation was the time we got to spend together. We're all so close, it doesn't take a lot for us to have fun together. It's fun to be able to experience new things together. It's also, always nice, to be able to "escape" for a little while.

And what better place to escape to than something this beautiful?

Come back tomorrow because yes, I am actually blogging AND I have one more really cool thing to tell you about Mexico!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Football Wife - Tami Taylor, Watch Out

"54 days till football season."
Those were the first words I heard the other morning from my sweet, sweet husband. 
Good morning to you to my dear.

Wee wittle babes.

Football is a big deal in our house. 
Schedules and budgets revolve around football games.
Once upon a time, I wanted to have a fall wedding. 
But was quickly told that could never happen.

We recently got rid of cable.
Which means we got rid of our ginormous sports package. 
It hasn't been a big deal so far, however fall is quickly approaching 
and I can feel Robbie's anxiety rising at the thought of missing some game on ESPN.

Don't get me wrong...I love it and couldn't imagine our lives any other way.
Our "football family" are some of the best friends we have.
And the Saturdays we spend tailgating are too fun for words.

Plus, there's something totally hot about seeing Robbie so passionate about something.
He literally lights up anytime he talks about a game or a play or a team or something else I don't always understand.
But his passion for it is probably one of my favorite things, and one of the things that makes me love it so much too.
Well that and all the delicious tailgating food.

The obsession is about to take on a whole new meaning as we kick it up a notch in the Dunn household.

Robbie got a job!
And not just a job, the job.
The job we prayed for and wanted for him, without even really knowing we wanted it.

He'll be teaching high school American History at a school about 35 minutes from our house.
And he'll be coaching football.
So many dreams come true.
Because you see, as passionate as Robbie is about football, he's equally passionate about History.
That same light comes on his eyes anytime he talks about it.
After all the struggles that we've been through these past few years, and after all the hard work I've watched Robbie put into this, I am so proud to finally see him doing something that he not only loves, but is called to do.
He is going to be an amazing teacher to those students, both on and off the field and I could not be prouder.

I also don't hate the fact that I am one step closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming Tami Taylor. ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

All I know is...

...Holly always has the best blog ideas ever. Snaps to her.

...season 1 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is pure TV gold. Mexican vacay recap is typed and ready to soon as I upload pictures. Because really why would you want to read about Mexico when you can look at Mexico instead? inability to sit around and do nothing is really a problem. And for some strange reason the only solution I see to that problem is to get another summer job waiting tables. Which, hypothetically, is fine. Until you know, the job actually starts. 

...Lauren Fitz has the most fun hip-hop Zumba videos on YouTube. I'm slightly obsessed. And I don't even typically like Zumba. 

...I have no rhythm which makes my new found hip-hop Zumba obsession quite comical. Good thing Roxy and Willow can't laugh out loud.

...if Willow's picky eating habits are any indication of how my future children are going to eat I am in for some serious trouble.

...homemade pancakes for breakfast taste just as yummy on a weekday as they do on a weekend. Just sayin.

Happy Hump Day y'all!

Monday, July 7, 2014

I love America

Disclaimer: I really had every intention of blogging everyday last week but obviously that didn't happen. I'm trying, I promise.

I wanted to recap our trip to Mexico because I still haven't done that and I think it would be good for the whole grieving process I'm currently going through as I withdrawal from unlimited drinks, food, and sunshine. However, after such a patriotic weekend it didn't seem quite right to pay tribute to another country. No worries, that will happen tomorrow.


July 4th.
I have such a love/hate relationship with this holiday.
Obviously I love America and I love any excuse to eat hot dogs and drink beer and enjoy all of the other freedoms I'm able to because of the selfless people who put their lives on the line for little ole me.
But living so close to the beach and smack dab between two rivers I kind of hate the hoards of people that flock to the pool/beach/dock on July 4th. It's a tad overwhelming.
Also, my history-loving husband looooooves to focus on every technicality that comes with this holiday, sucking the fun out of all of it.

Either way....I can hang with the best of them, which is exactly what we did.

I braved the 3908457 splashing kids at the pool Friday afternoon. Then Robbie and I met up with some friends out in the "country". Something about July 4th makes me want to be around big, open fields.
After meeting their four pet chickens and learning about egg fertilization, we enjoyed hamburgers on the grill, corn hole in the backyard, and shut gunned beers on the porch. #merica.

Saturday we rearranged our living room (I'm on a kick and can't get enough) then met up with some friends at the pool (with only one totes adorbs splashing kid) before scooting back down the county with my dad to enjoy a low country boil with cousins. After everyone else went off to watch fireworks, Robbie and I headed back into town to meet up with some friends for cards, beer, and lots of laughs. And pretzels...we ate a lot of pretzels.

Sunday was a pretty laid back day. My mom and step-dad have recently sold their house and are now going through the never-ending process of cleaning out and packing up 22 years and one blended family's worth of stuff. It is being quite the chore and all hands are on deck so I spent some time Sunday afternoon helping with that. Let me tell you...the stuff we've found could be a blog post in and of itself. It's been interesting to say the least.

Now here we are, Monday again. And I've created a long list of "to-dos" for the week. "Watch Netflix"  is not on it. Time to be a productive member of society again. We'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Whadup July?

Holy July batman!
How is it already July?
Don't get me wrong, normally I love the start of a new month. 
There are few better feelings than turning over a blank page in my planner.
But in the summer, I feel like the pages turn way too fast. 
And I just love summer so much...I don't want it to be over. Ever.

Anywho...I feel like now that it's July my summer has officially started. 
I know technically, I've been out of school since the 6th of June.
But with workdays and trainings and then our Mexican vacation I haven't really had much time to cross  some items off my summer to-do list...until now. 

I normally hate these monthly goal posts mainly because I suck at actually keeping them, 
but there are several things that I want to get done this summer before school starts back up.
Plus I made this cute little checklist (because I have way too much time on my hands) to stick on my fridge and keep me on track.

Shred, White, and Blue Challenge found here
Clip Art found here.