Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

I read somewhere that today is the ten year anniversary of Mean Girls.
Let that sink in for a minute. TEN years.
It seems like that movie came out yesterday. 
Then again, I look at a picture of Lilo from then to now and it seems like we should be approaching at least the 20th anniversary. #sorrynotsorry

Anyway, as one of the most quotable movies of all time and one my personal favs, I figured I'd honor the decade old film by giving you a few of the important life lessons I learned from Mean Girls. Yes, it seemed like it was all jokes and laughs, but really, Mean Girls was much, much more. 

- Joining Mathletes is social suicide. But it will also look really good on your college application and therefore you should totally go for it.

- You don't have to dislike someone or something just because everyone else does. 

- Hoes before bros. Always and forever. Amen. 

- Girls just wanna have fun. And if that means going trough the Taco Bell drive-through in your pajamas and eating your crunch wrap supreme in your car on the way home than so be it. #girlpower

- If both functions are approaching 0, the limit does not exist. Seriously, this one got me though some pretty tricky calculus exams. 

- When you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. A look can be just as effective. 


Monday, April 28, 2014

Let's Get Physical

{Insert obligatory "I'm so sorry, I forgot how to blog. Yes, I'm still alive. blah, blah, blah" here.}

At the beginning of April, Erin over at Living in Yellow and a few other equally awesome ladies started a 60ish-day challenge to be physically active a total of 1800 minutes. I, being the queen of jumping on bandwagons, signed up immediately. I liked Erin's sells pitch - presenting this as simply a challenge to be more active. If that meant 30 minutes of running one day, 45 minutes of yoga the next, and 0 minutes the following day, it didn't matter. As long as you logged 1800 total minutes by May 31st. There were no restrictions on the source of activity or even really the duration of the activity. I liked that. 

Until about three days in. 

You see, I've recently lost my mind decided I really enjoy running. I try to get in about 3 miles every other day.  

With or without my trusty sidekick.

On days when I run, I have no doubt in my mind how to log those minutes. Obviously, running counts as a physical activity. On days when I don't run, I might follow some YouTube at home butt and thigh workout. (This has been one of my most recent favs.) Again, obvious physical activity. 

But it's those other days, where I don't "technically"work out but I vacuum my entire house - talk about working up a sweat. Or I put fresh sheets on my bed because, let's be real. Figuring out that fitted sheet is an activity all in of itself. Or even the million and one times I walk from one side of the school to the other on a daily basis. How do I log those minutes? Because technically, I think they should count as physical activity. #justsayin

Anyway...just for the record, because it is a competition and I want to play fair, I'm only logging the without a doubt physical activities. I'm only at 480 which is way far from my goal BUT I ran 4.5 miles nonstop last week and I feel like that is pretty darn impressive.

I'm also chasing 20 First Graders around the Aquarium today which should count for something somewhere. 

Have a happy, physically active Monday!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The saddest day ever...

aka the day back to work after a marvelous, never long enough, break.

That's right, folks. Adult Spring Break 2014 is officially over and I am officially crying huge alligator tears at the thought of alarm clocks, dress pants, and packed lunches. But the end of Spring Break means the beginning of the summer countdown. And guys, we are on the downslope.

Spring Break was technically a week long, or so they keep telling me. I'm convinced it was really only 3.5 seconds long, or at least that's what it felt like. But hey, you win some, you lose some.

I opened my computer at least 13 times last week in an attempt to blog but clearly it didn't work out as planned. So today you get a whole life update combined into one nicely wrapped package of a blog post. Okay? Let's go.

First and foremost, celebrating my 25th birthday at school was quite possibly the best way to celebrate a huge milestone birthday....ever. Hearing 20 of my favorite firsties wish me a "happy birthday - cha cha cha" ten thousand times is the cutest (slightly most annoying) thing ever. It was Science Night that night which was fun, but exhausting. And because no event in First Grade is official unless we're in costume....

We were Mad Scientists.

Friday after groggily making it through a school day filled with Easter egg hunts and Easter parties, I hit the road to Wilmington for a beach weekend Bachelorette party. And really, every weekend should involve a Bachelorette party at the beach with your best friends. Unfortunately, when they're done right, Bachelorette parties don't offer many blog appropriate picture opportunities, so all you get is the super cute invite that still might be chilling on my fridge and a blurry Saturday-morning-on-the-way-to-tan-out-our-hangovers picture.

I spent the majority of Spring Break being surprisingly productive. Robbie still had school so I caught up on house work, yard work (no one's more shocked at that than yours truly), and real life lunch dates with adults that don't involve a cafeteria. It was marvelous. 

Friday night the anxiety of Spring Break being over really began to sink in...but Robbie had planned a birthday party for me so I was able to drown my misery in good friends and white girl dance moves. 

#ootn and cake cake cake cake

Frans Frans Frans 

White girl dance moves and "discrete" selfies.
Successful birthday parties are kind of like successful Bachelorette parties. Most of the night's pictures belong tucked away in a safe folder. Or on Snapchat. But a quick highlight real: my sweet baby brother and step-sister came which was so fun. We had gluten free m&m cookie cake which was so delicious. I think I heard a random cha-cha-cha when everyone sang happy birthday to me #teacherlife. Our old back door that was recently replaced was turned into a beer pong table before the night was over. Every couch and extra bed was occupied for the night. And both recycling bins were full the next morning. Robbie, the pups, and I slept most of the day away on Saturday. Being 25 is ruff. 

Side note - if you're looking to really get the party started: 2000s Hip Hop Radio on Pandora is where it's at. You're welcome in advance.

Sunday was cold and rainy but spent celebrating the greatest sacrifice of all time surrounded by family and Starburst jelly beans. 

Adult Spring Break 2014 = best 3.5 seconds of the year!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yo booty don't need explainin

Hey party people!

Apparently being 25 and blogging is just too much for me to handle. It's apparently too much for my computer to handle too consider I'm working with 11% battery and no charger. #whompwhomp.

I just wanted to pop in and say hey! And thanks for all the birthday wishes! The past week has been a blur. Between late night school stuff, an ah-mazingly fun Bachelorette beach weekend, and the start of adult spring break...I feel like I haven't even had a chance to think straight. If this week is any indication of what the rest of my year is going to go, I'll just stay 25 forever. Please and thank you.

I'll be back tomorrow with a real post. I'm not sure what yet...maybe a photo dump, life update or probably just a rambly list of thoughts. Either way, you should come back and check it out forreals.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this because no post is complete without a picture of some type and because this literally had me in tears. You're welcome.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

25 Things I've Always Known, But Now Finally Make Sense.

You know what I'm talking about. Those life lessons that your mama always told you but you never really listened to. Except now you realize that she actually knew what she was talking about. Yea, those. I've got 25 of them for you, in honor of my 25th birthday, today. Thanks mom!

1. You'll never regret going to bed early.

2. You don't always choose your friends. Sometimes, if you're lucky, they choose you.

3. Always wear sunscreen.

4. Biting your nails is a dirty habit. Don't ever start.

5. Don't compare your Chapter 1 to someone else's Chapter 20.

6. In fact, don't compare any chapter of your life to anyone else's. Comparison is the thief of joy.

7. Imitation is a form of flattery.

8. Don't drink too much cheap wine.

9. Stop saying the f-word.

10. Your girlfriends are some of the most important people in your life. This doesn't mean they won't ever drive you crazy or hurt your feelings. Learn to move past it because you love them.

11. Don't sweat the small stuff.

12. Tan fat looks better than white fat.

13. Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink over night. There's something to be said for waking up to a clean kitchen.

14. Get in the habit of going to church on Sunday mornings.

15. Be kind to everyone.

16. Don't burn bridges.

17. "Guilty by association" is a real thing and is often worse than just being guilty.

18. Always take the high road, even when it's the hard road.

19. Crockpot meals are the easiest thing you'll ever do. And they don't always have to be beef stew.

20. Figure out what you want and don't be afraid to communicate that to the loved ones in your life. But remember, there is a tactful way to say and do everything. Don't be a bitch.

21. Two wrongs don't make a right.

22. If someone cooks something for you, try it and smile. No matter how gross it really is.

23. Families are full of nuts but they're still family and should be a top priority in your life.

24. Holding grudges only hurts you.

25. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Leo, Jake for short

If you walked into my classroom right now, you wouldn't even know it belonged to me. At least that's how I feel every morning at 7:12 when I unlock my door. My classroom looks like it's been taken over by a mad scientist the past few weeks, which if you know me, know that's totally not the norm. But I actually don't hate it. And my kids are obsessed with the fifty two and a half Science projects we have going on so I guess they can stay. Even if they leave me questioning my identity every morning.

My Math manipulative book shelf has been taken over by our Potato Heads. I water them twice a day and send up about 300 prayers hoping the grass seed will sprout and they'll actually grow hair.

Day 10 - we've finally got some sprouts!!

On top of my filing cabinet we have the beginning stages of a taco garden. No we are not growing actual tacos, much to my kids' dismay. But we are growing the vegetable ingredients for tacos - lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, and cilantro. I water these and send up a few additional prayers that they'll continue growing.

Shout out to Growums, the coolest interactive gardening kit ever. 
Seriously, if you're a teacher or a parent or know little kids or even just get excited about animated veggies teaching you how to grow their family members, check them out. 

My back counter used to house work station materials. But those have been crammed into a cabinet to make room for our celery stalks, sitting in six cups of colored water as we watch the leaves change colors. (This one's a little fool-proof and require no extra prayers for success.)

Notice the purple leaves in the back? Pretty cool.

Oh, and to make room for our new class pet, Leo the turtle.

Ahh, nothing like Springtime in First Grade. 

In case you can't tell, we're learning about plants and animals. And what better way to build understanding than to give the kids real-life hands-on experience with said plants and animals? This usually wouldn't be a problem....except I'm really anal about messes (I know, I know a weird trait for an elementary school teacher) and I have the blackest thumb you'll ever see. 

Literally, I kill every plant I come into contact with. Last year, during our plant unit one of my kids brought me an aloe plant with instructions from her mom that it was "very easy to take care of" and "there was no way I could kill it". I brought it home over the summer and by August it was shriveled and dead. kids are helping me through this flaw and they believe in my ability to change. Meanwhile I'm having anxiety attacks daily about killing one of their plants and breaking their little hearts into a million pieces.

Leo is whole other story. Animals I've pretty much got figured out. I kept a fish alive in college for almost two years (RIP Bartholomew) and Willow and Roxy seem to be thriving.

Speaking of Leo...I'm becoming kind of obsessed with him. I never ever thought I would have a class pet. Wayyyy too much work. But then one of the Kindergarten teachers needed to find a new home for him (because he was way too much work) and my kids had earned all their compliments so it felt like it was meant to be. We adopted him last Wednesday and obviously had to give him a new name.

The only way to make an important decision in First Grade is Rock, Paper, Scissors, or to bring it to a vote. Because Rock, Paper, Scissors gets a little tricky with 20 participants, we voted. The kids gave three options to choose from: Leo (as in Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles), Jake (as in one of my kid's dad's name), and Tom (because "it starts with t-t-t-t like t-t-t-turtle"). 

Leo and Jake tied. For the record, I wanted Leo to win because the Ninja Turtles are cool. So for the tie-breaker I had one representative from Team Leo choose a number and one representative from Team Jake choose a number. Coincidentally, Team Leo guessed closer to the number I was thinking of therefore our turtle become Leo. 

But have no fear - in an attempt to comfort Team Jake for loosing, one of my kids quickly pointed out that Leo could be his real name but we could sometimes call him Jake for short. Like a nickname. Because Jake is obviously the perfect nickname for someone named Leonardo.

And that my friends is just another day in the life of First Grade. If you're not jealous of my job, you should be.

P.S. Two more days until Spring Break. Boo-ya.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I almost forgot...

Amidst all my running excitement last week (which still hasn't worn off by the way. Someone at school told me I was a Running Diva and I was like duh. Except I'm not really because I only ran once last week after my life-changing 5K. But that's neither here nor there.) and my pure giddyness over the fact that it's finally April I almost completely forgot that someone er something turned two years old last week.

That's right. My sweet baby blog is officially a toddler. Happy 2nd Birthday you sexy blog, you. Thanks for letting me come and spill my word vomit all over you for the past two years. At the risk of sounding uber cliche -  I never thought this little old space would become such a part of my daily routine. Okay, okay, you're right. Sometimes it's been more of a "every other day routine" or a even a "once a week routine" but you get the point. I may not have ten thousands followers and I'm not yielding any profit but I'm here, writing and reading and communicating with some pretty cool ladies that I never ever would have known without this little space called Delightfully Dunn.

In honor of my two year blogiversary, I decided to go back to my roots. My very first post all those moons ago was a Top 5 Tuesday post. I had been reading blogs for a while and caught on to some of the blogging trends floating around out there. In a desperate attempt to fit in Because I had no idea what I was really doing I jumped on board with Top 5 Tuesday and figured doing another one today only made sense.

Of course, Rachel had a list of topics going for the past few weeks of Top 5 Tuesday, but because I'm always late to the link-up party, I missed most of them. #whompwhomp However, I'm still linking up one of the old topics ideas because I like it and because we recently got rid of cable so this has pretty much been my life lately.

I'm not sure which word is more accurate : obsessions or addictions. 
Because I swear, Netflix is just another word for crack.

1. Orange is the New Black
I am literally counting down the days until Season 2 comes back in June. I watched Season 1 in about four days and even got Robbie roped in. It was probably the opening shower scene in Episode 1 that really sold it for him. Well played, Netflix, well played. 

2. Breaking Bad 
I did not like Breaking Bad at all at first. But everyone and their mother went nuts over this show so I gave it a shot. And oh milanta. Am I glad I did. It took a few episodes, but once I was hooked, I was hooked BAD. No pun intended...I don't think.

3. House of Cards
Okay, this is not one of my Top 5 shows....yet. Robbie watched Season1 when it first came out but I was not interested. Now that Season 2 is out, he's roped me in and we've started over from the beginning. I'll admit, I'm confused 95% of the time. It's really hard for me to follow. But this could be because I suffer from a disorder called "political-jargan-deafness". Oh and ADD.

4. Dexter
I'll admit, by Season 6 I was a little over the hottest serial killer I've ever seen. But Seasons 1-5? I couldn't get enough of Dexter Morgan and his Dark Passenger. 

5. Glee
Guilty pleasure? Definitely. But being able to relive some of my favorite McKinley High moments at any time? Yes please. Season 4 is my fav. 

Some other very mentionable binge-worthy series: 

Friday Night Lights: Real talk - I want to be Tammy Taylor when I grow up.
The OC: I never get tired of that California gang. And I never don't cry when Marissa dies. 
Grey's Anatomy: There are few better feelings than going back to the good ole days when all the interns lived together. Or at least were all still alive. 

What TV shows are you obsessed with?

P.S. I realize that not all of these are Netflix original shows but they all count as Netflix obsessions because that's where you can go to watch countless hours of them over and over and over again.

P.S.S. One thing that has changed in my two years of blogging, is I actually go and link up my posts! Linking up with Rachel today!

Just Peachy

Monday, April 7, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

Grab button for Two Thirds Hazel

1. That it's not too late to join this happy link up (or is it? My bad...I'm never on time.)

2. When Willow lays beside me like the little spoon with her head on the pillow and everything.

3. Laughing until there's tears rolling down your face and you're convinced you have worked your way to six-pack abs.

4. Weddings.

5. Having people over for dinner.

6. Playing double dutch with my Firsties at Recess.

7. Going to bed and not having to set an alarm.

8. 80 degree, sunshiney weather.

9. My birthday (in t-minus 3 days).

10. When Robbie picks me up from Saturday school with an ice cold Diet Coke and my favorite flat bread sub from Subway (with extra pickles on the side) just because.
10a. When I realize on top of that, he washed and folded two loads of laundry while I was at Saturday school.

11. Sitting on the back porch with margaritas and friends.

12. A clean, organized house.

13. T-shirt Fridays at school.

14. Giftcards.

15. Upcoming bachelorette beach weekends with friends.

16. Mexican food.

17. Snapchats from my mom and brother.

18. Visiting big cities like New York and DC.

19. 2nd day hair that still looks like 1st day hair.

20. Fresh fruit.

21. When Roxy's chasing squirrels in her dreams.

22. Smiley babies.

23. Looking at old pictures and reminiscing old memories.

24. Small towns.

25. Putting on jammies at the end of a long day. Or at 3:00 in the afternoon.

26. Tailgating season.

27. Hypothetical house-hunting.

28. Family vacations.

29. My bed.

30. Little old couples still madly in love.

31. Random voicemails from my mema, just to tell me how me special I am.

32. The fact that I could easily think of 32 more happy things. #blessed

Linking up with Erin and Sarah.

Friday, April 4, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Or at least it's the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year.

April. I am so glad you're here.
I have to admit, you kind of snuck up on me (three days ago...I know, I know. I'm way late). Which I don't hate at all.

There are few things in life I love more than flipping over to a fresh calendar page.
When that calendar page says April at the top, my tummy does an extra happy flippy-flop.

For one, it's my birthday month. Which is obvious means for celebration. #duh.
Also, April means warm weather that is hopefully here to stay.
March is kind of straddling that Winter/Spring line. But April. Oh, April. You are completely undoubtably in Spring territory.
April is also Spring Break month. Halle-freaking-lua.
And it's the official downslope to summer.
In fact, General Johnson said it best...

I'm so glad when it's Easter weekend, because I know it won't be long before summer begins.
Call me crazy, but there's just a special buzz in the air when April rolls around.
And I love it.


Moving on. Since I haven't blogged all week I feel like I have some catching up to do. Some recent April life-happenings if you will.

- Last week I did my first "real" alumni thing. I went to an alumni association event in town and surprisingly there were a few people close to my age. Nevertheless, I still felt slightly out of place. No way am I old enough to listen to the chancellor talk about budgets and new construction and upcoming policies. I am, however, exactly old enough to partake in the open bar that was available.

Sidenote: our chancellor drinks PBR which I found endearing and stereotypical all at the same time. (If you're familiar with NC State, you'll get the stereotype.)

Sidenote #2: I always secretly wanted to be Mrs. Wuf. 

- We finished Dexter and have now started House of Cards. Everyone had told me the ending of Dexter was horrible so I was prepared to be disappointed. My verdict? Not horrible but not the best either. Truth be told, I was getting a little annoyed with the direction Dexter was moving in anyway so I was ready for it to be over. House of Cards is okay so far, except I have to reallllllly pay attention and think about what's going on. And I'm still lost 95% of the time. Plus no one in House of Cards is nearly as fun to look at as Dexter Morgan was. Whew.

- I have a class pet. For now. I'm terrified of killing it. My kids work really hard to earn whole-class compliments and when they earn a certain amount we get to have a celebration. It just so happens one of the Kindergarten teachers was looking for a new home for her pet turtle. So when my kids earned their compliments, we adopted him as our reward. I know nothing about turtles but we're learning. He's been with us for three days and so far, so good. 

His name's Leo (Jake for short) - it's a long story. 

- Robbie has a herniated disk and it's really been a problem lately. He threw it out over Christmas and was out of commission for about a week. One MRI and several PT appointments later and he seemed to be doing better. Until about three weeks ago. Now nothing seems to be helping and he's in constant pain. If you have some extra prayers, send them up for him please. Also, if you know of anywhere with new backs for sale, pass it along. He's more than ready to be back to normal. 

It's the friggin weekend ladies, go have you some fun!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BIG Announcement

Willow and I have some pretty big news.
Oh yea, I guess Robbie and Roxy are involved in this too.
It's kind of exciting and terrifying all at the same time.
Announcements like this are life changing.
And oh so hard to keep secret.
I've been wanting to SCREAM this from the rooftop for the past few weeks,
but you know, sometimes you have to keep things like this hush, hush for a while.
Just to be safe. 
But now that everything's official, I am finally in the clear to let you all in on my big secret....

I'm a runner. 
(Oh wait, you thought I was going to say I was preggers. No such luck. Sorry bout it. Though it would have made for one jaw-dropping April Fool's joke!)

Okay, sike I'm not really a runner either. But I did run a race. And I did a damn good job at it. And, here's the clincher, I actually kind of liked it. I didn't feel like I was going to die at the end and I was excited at the thought of doing another, not right away obviously. But down the road for sure (pun totally intended).

This past weekend I ran in the 5K Great Glow Run with a group of girls from school. I've mentioned a few times that Willow and I have started running. Mainly because I've been desperate for some Vitamin D after what felt like the longest, coldest, dreariest winter of my life. What better way to enjoy the sunshine then a brisk run around the neighborhood? (Actually, that's kind of a dumb question. Having a cold beer on the back porch is always a better way to enjoy the sunshine. But it's also a great way to have a school day hangover, which is no beuno, and an extra 200 calories sitting on your gut, which again is mucho no beuno.) 

Plus Willow and I tend to have two modes: asleep on the couch or moving 100 miles a minute. There is no in between for us. Running gives me a way to still be moving while also giving my brain some disconnected, down-time too, which I need. I think Willow's just in it for the squirrels and leaves...she loves a good chase. But either way, it's been our go-to activity lately.

I don't have a FitBit. I don't Map My Walk. Heck, I don't even check the clock before I leave. I just harness her up and go. And dare I say it, it's become kind of enjoyable. 

Then Saturday night rolls around and I find myself running a 5Kin a neon tutu (sans Willow) and actually really enjoying it. 

We signed up for the race a few months ago. At the time it seemed like a good excuse to wear neon paint and go out for beers downtown afterward. Plus I wasn't really intimidated by the distance. Mainly because I knew I could walk if I needed too. 

But as the date got closer and closer, I realized I really wanted to run the whole thing. No stopping. And ideally I wanted to run it in 30 mins. A ten minute mile sounded pretty impressive. And the last time I "ran" a 5K was for my freshman PE class (it was hell) and I did that in a little over 31 minutes so it seemed like an attainable goal. 

My official time was 29:57 which totally counts as under my mark and a personal best. And as I crossed the finished line in the dark and realized I had in fact reached my goal and not gotten lost in the streets of downtown (something I, with my non-existant sense of direction, was genuinely afraid of) I was reminded how rewarding it is to set a goal and reach it. 

All my life I've set goals. And all my life I've reached them. The blessing of that is not lost on me. Sure, I put in the hard work. But I know that I had other supporting factors by my side as well. Ever since I finished my first year of teaching, I haven't really set any personal, tangible goals for myself. Something I wanted to set out and accomplish. 

I had graduated college, I had saved money for a house, I had gotten a teaching job, I had survived year one in that teaching job (with most of my sanity still in tact). But after that, I had kind of gotten into a comfortable rut in my life. I'm not complaining. I love my little life and the things Robbie and I have accomplished for ourselves. We have future plans and dreams that I know we'll reach in time too. But the journey to those things is going to be equally, if not more enjoyable, than the actual outcome. 

Crossing that finish line reminded me how fun it is to actually challenge myself. I know, I some of you running divas, a 5K happens in your sleep. And I get that. I'm not saying what I did was the end all be all. But just the fact that I did it. That I followed through with something I told myself I would do. It's a good feeling. 

With ALL that rambling being said, the #1800MinuteChallenge starts today. 

1800 minutes of activity between now and May 31. It's totally doable and a bunch of fun bloggy gals are doing it too so you don't have to be all alone. I'm pretty excited. Who knows, I could become one of those fitness gurus who posts meals and smoothie recipes and 16 sec. exercise videos on my Instagram every hour on the hour. 

Ha JK - now that's an April Fool's joke if I ever heard one.