Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkeys we have loved (and eaten)

Today I'm thankful for

...two days off of school.

...warm snuggles in my bed.

...leggings (hello elastic waistband)

...this hunka-burnin-love.

more than all of the above. 

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

All in the Family

I can't even begin to explain the love, laughter, and dysfunction that is my family. 

Robbie and I spend our entire Thanksgiving running around like crazy people from house to house to house. It's exhausting and a bit frustrating, but I've always tried to be thankful that we have too much family to see over the holidays instead of not enough family to see. 

Plus, I kind of sort of love the whole crazy bunch! 

My family is great and we've always been super close! I'm beyond thankful for the relationship I have with, not just my parents and brother, but with my step parents and step siblings. I don't believe in divorce - no way, no how. But I do believe that sometimes shit happens. And I honestly mean it when I say that I could not be more thankful for the blended family we've created. I couldn't even begin to imagine my life with the "Steberts". 

I'm doubly thankful for the relationship I have with my in-laws and their extended family. I feel so blessed to have found a husband who was raised in a family so similar to mine and am thankful everyday for them. They've welcomed me into their family with open arms and sometimes it's hard to tell where my family ends and their's begins - which I love

I believe the grown up relationships you create with your family, particularly your parents, can be among some of the best relationships you have. I'm thankful for the childhood my parents provided for me. But I'm equally thankful for the relationship we have now. 


Monday, November 25, 2013

It's not work if you love what do.


False. False. A million times false.

I used to believe this. That whole philosophy that you'd never work a day in your life if you loved what you do.

It's not true.

I love what I do.

I haven't always loved what I did. I can admit that here, now....two and a half years later. In fact, there was a point where I was just making it to Friday. "Just one more can make it just one more day." 

Teaching is, by far, the hardest profession there is. Bottom line.

And when people say it's also the most rewarding, well that's not always true.

Are there rewards in teaching? Absolutely. But is it always rewarding.'s just not. Most days it really

Part of that is our own fault. My ability to completely overlook the 19 students who are following directions and showing growth, and instead focus on the one student who won't listen to a single thing I said, yea that's my fault. That's my character flaw. But that's what teachers do. We lose sleep over the one student who still can't read on grade level instead of celebrating the other students who can. I like to believe that's what makes us good teachers. It also makes us crazy, admittedly.

But I'm thankful for my job.

I'm thankful that I not only can provide income for my family (though it be a very small income) I'm thankful that I get to spend the year with some of the most amazing kids I've ever known.

Do they drive me crazy 95% of the time? Yes, in fact they do. But do I love them as if they were my own? Yes, in fact I do.

My kids often ask me if I have babies. Especially after they find out about Mr. Dunn. And my answer always puts the most puzzled, yet cutest expression on their face. I tell them, "No, I don't have kids at home because I have 20 kids at school." And it's true. I love these kids.

And the fact that I get to spend 180 days teaching them and growing with them is not ever lost on me. It constantly blows my mind that I've been entrusted with these kids and their well being. And I'm constantly thankful to have that opportunity.

I like to think that I teach them lots and lots throughout the year. I mean, hello, that's my job. But I often wonder if they realize how much they really teach me. The impact they have on me and my life...I'm thankful for that.


Let the countdown begin...

This week officially starts the countdown to the countdown to Christmas. You see, I'm a BIG believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving before going all going all cookoo for coco coco puffs over Christmas time. Don't get me wrong....I LOVE everything about Christmas. And I mean everything. Except for that fact that people these days think it starts November 1. And it just doesn't. It starts the day after Thanksgiving, whatever date that might be.

This year that date happens to be November 28 aka this Friday. So in honor of Thanksgiving, the holiday where we spend time stuffing our faces and being thankful for all our good fortunes, and the impending holiday that I love and am so excited to almost finally be able to recognize, I'm going to spend this week writing extremely sappy posts about how thankful I am for all the things I have to be thankful for.

Like these crazy folks.

I am extremely thankful that Robbie and I have found our way into such a great group of friends. Not very many people can make me smile, let alone laugh out loud before 9AM. However, this group finds a way to do just that most Saturdays.

I'm especially thankful that they continue to love me even though, this particular weekend, I was the "enemy".

And even though my team could't pull it through this weekend I am still thankful to be a member of the Wolfpack. I'm extremely thankful for the college education I received from NCSU (I'm still convinced it's the best education program around) and I'm thankful for the memories I created during those four years of college  - the good ones, the bad ones, and the ones I don't completely recall. After all, my time at State led to my soulmate. Whom I'm extremely thankful for.

I'm also extremely thankful for the "grown-up" relationship we have. I miss her being a short walk down the hall, every single day. But I love love love how, even if it's been two months since we've seen other, we're still able to pick up right where we left off.

I'm thankful for the friends I've made at work and how they've become more than just "coworkers". I love how they support me, inspire me, and encourage me. I also love how we can laugh and talk and cry together and find that hours together really feel more like minutes.

Finding friends in your twenty's is tough. Several other bloggers have talked about it before and they've absolutely hit the nail on the head. I'm thankful everyday for the friendships I have, new and old.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

He Said She Said

Bonnie had a really cool post the other day (per usual) about things her and her husband say to each other pretty regularly. I thought it was a great idea. So great in fact, I'm using it for today's blog post.

P.S. I think I've used this picture in at least 3 other blog posts. I'm not even sure why. It's not like it's a good picture. Photographer extraordinaire, I am not. 

Things I constantly say to Robbie...
- I'm so cold.
- Will you come snuggle me?
- What? In reference to almost anything he asks me.
- Your beard's sticking up.
- Can you hand me my phone/iPad/computer. You're closer and I'm all tucked...because it's so cold.
- What do you want for dinner? No, you're in charge, you pick. I don't care is not a good answer, because you do care enough to say no to the ten things I've already suggested.
- I need you to plunge the toilet...again.
- Will you feed the dogs?

Things Robbie constantly says to me...
- Get off Facebook.
- Didn't you wear those same leggings last night?
- Are you ready yet? 5 minutes after I get out of the shower.
- Pay attention. Do you even look at the road when you drive?
- I can't wait to find out which bowl game we're going to. I just hope it's not Hawaii. You'll never let me go that far. 
- Do you need more wine?
- Nevermind. Usually after I've said "what?" one two many times. 
- Will you feed the dogs?


P.S. Happy HUMP DAYYYY. Sorry, that joke never gets old!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Did you know...

I hardly ever listen to radio talk shows. I carpool to school and we spend the entire 30 minute commute laughing bitching stressing talking about everything under the sun so there's definitely no time for silly radio talk shows.

But every so often when I'm in the car alone I'll spend a few minutes enjoying the dry wit and the random facts of a radio talk show.

On Friday, one radio station that I was listening to had some statistic about how a busy weekend is a better stress reliever than a lazy weekend. The host just couldn't believe that to be true. But I get it.

I am much more happy (though less rested) on Mondays after I've spent my weekends going a mile a minute than I usually am on Mondays where I've done nothing all weekend. Now granted, this only holds true on those busy weekends where I'm busy doing things I actually want to do.

With that being said, let's recap my busy, stress-relieving weekend. Yes, I know it's Tuesday. No, I never follow the rules.


It was the last home football game of the season and it's really hard to believe that another football season has essentially come and gone. I'm rather fond of spending my Saturdays with this crazy group of Pirates. 

Disfunction at it's finest. 

Next week, ECU plays NCSU in Raleigh and I, obviously, will be decked out in red! It's the one game I've been looking forward to all season, even though the outcome will probably not be in my favor. Either way, it's guaranteed to be a good time!

My husband (aka Ironman) found out he has his own little fan club. This kid (who was THE cutest little boy I've ever seen) has apparently been watching Robbie from afar all season.

In true "fashion blogger" style, here's my OOTD.

We went out for wings after the game and my life motto was given to me in napkin form.

Sunday was my MIL's birthday so we went to Kinston for the day. We put the backseats down so Roxy could have free reign of the entire back seat. She LOVED it, even though she spent the majority of the ride giving us puppy dog eyes through the middle. 

I had the "Sunday blues" extra bad this week. Only because I didn't want the weekend to end. I got spoiled real quick with our three-day weekend last week. But just like that, we're one step closer to another fun-filled weekend! Come on Friday!


Monday, November 18, 2013

My "baby" brother officially not a baby anymore. I guess, technically, he hasn't been a baby for a long time. But today he turns 20. Which is big time. I just got used to the idea of him being a teenager, and now he's not. He's a real live adult. Nevermind that he's been taller than me since he was in fifth grade.

Carter (not that you're actually going to read this, unless I make you), I hope you have an amazing birthday! You deserve nothing but the best! I am so proud, and still sometimes in utter belief, of the "man" that you've grown up to be. I feel so lucky to be your sister and am so thankful for the relationship we have! I honestly couldn't imagine my life without you! Thank God, Santa gave you to me!



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Me Again

Hey guys! Remember me!

I've just been hanging out on piles of clean laundry. It's one of my most favorite things.

I've been begging mom to let me come blog again. And when she heard about Jackie's link up, she figured it would be the perfect time to finally let me get my way.

I tell ya what. I am not used to being told no. But it's okay - I'm here now and I have so much to tell you.

First of all, holy moly it's so cold in my life right now. Yesterday I went outside to, you know, take care of my tinkle business, and I literally almost got blowed over from the wind. It was cray. How's a girl supposed to tinkle in peace with that kind of weather?

Mom keeps trying to make me wear my sweater, but I hate that thing. I'd rather freeze. Or snuggle down deep under a blanket on the couch. Yep, I'd much rather want to snuggle.

So, some pretty big things have been happening in my life lately. Mom and dad have been super busy, so Roxy and I have been hanging out in our homes together a lot. But it's all good. I love my home. I have a towel in there that I burrito myself into. It's great.

There's also been a lot of new people at my house. Which is kind of alright. I don't always know what to think of them at first.

A while ago (I'm not sure how long. Time flies when you're a wee little pup.) mom and dad had some sort of costume party. Of course, they made me and Roxy wear something ridiculous. I think mine was made out of a baby onesie. #mymomsanembarassment

Which brings to my next point - babies. They've been everywhere lately. And they are so weird. But also kind of cute. I'm just not sure what to think of them. They're people like mom and dad but they're on my level. And they are all the time grabbing my tail. Or making noises. I, obviously, have to bark every time they try to say something. I mean, hello? I'm the loudest thing around here and that is not about to change.

Fortunately these babies never hang around too long. I can deal with anything for a little while. And last time, one of them had wings on, which was pretty cool.

I also met a new dog "friend". I don't think she liked me very much. Mom said I didn't make a good impression. I think I did a find job of showing that dog who's boss. Obviously it's me. But once that was all out of the way I was ready to be friends with the girl. We even shared a treat. Well....I may have taken it from her but hey, you snooze = you lose around here. Roxy taught me that one.

Oh yea, and then we switched food bowls. That was fun to. I think that's what friends do together. 

Speaking of losing, I just heard dad getting ice out of the fridge. He always gives us a piece if we ask. But sometimes Roxy takes mine (rude). I gotta go before she gets it.

Have a wienerful day!

(JK, mom made me say that. She thinks puns are cute. Ugh.)


P.S. Go link up and read about some other great pups like me!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

If I were a fashion blogger...

...I'd actually know how to match my clothes without having to snap chat my college roommate at 5:45 in the morning.

...I'd be able to convince my husband to take real pictures of me

...and I'd know how to pose in said pictures without looking like a goob.

...I'd probably shop a lot more than I do now other places besides Target.

...I'd know big things about big designers

....and wouldn't be shocked to see my Instagram feed blowing up with some stranger named Phillip Lim.

...I'd take a lot more selfies than I do now.

Wait. Scratch that.

....I'd POST a lot more selfies than I do now.

I was looking through my phone the other day, and I realized that like ten of my most recent pictures where of me and my "#ootd". And I got to thinking - I bet this is what real fashionista's phones look like.

And then I got to thinking, maybe I've reached the first step of becoming a fashion blogger = getting dressed and documenting it.

But then I thought of all the above reasons as to why, even if I take a picture of the outfit I'm wearing, I am still a far cry from being a fashion blogger.

And after all of those thoughts got done rolling around my head, I thought it seemed silly to have all these pictures of me just sitting in my phone. So while I am not, no way no how, a fashion blogger. And while I'm not even interested in becoming a fashion blogger I figured I'd take the opportunity today to pretend to be one, at least for a hot five minutes.

This is probably where I'm supposed to tell you where I got each piece from and provide some type of link to that item or one very similar. But the sad thing is, I don't remember where I got half of it. And I definitely wouldn't be able to find a working link because that's something else I kind of suck at - online shopping. 

Also, you can see I use the same pieces over and over again. Which is one of the reasons I've been so proud of my outfits lately. However, that could also be another reason not to become a fashion blogger.

Oh and yes, I love scarves. Some might call it an obsession I call it a coping mechanism for all the other awful things about cold weather.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day

Thank you to all the soldiers, past and present, who have and continue to make
selfless sacrifices everyday.

Thank you to military spouses who continue to raise babies,
take care of the house, and continue to live their life
while their partner is thousands of miles away in unthinkable situations.
The fact that you can still carry on with a smile on your face, 
amazes and humbles me.

Thank you to the military parents who watch their babies grow up 
and willingly put themselves in danger. 
Sure, they could have grown up to be something safe like a teacher or a banker
and at times, I'm sure you wish they had.
But remember, they are doing something that not everyone could.
They are doing something so brave and so selfless and you should be extremely proud. 

Thank you to all the doctors who take care of these men and women
and help heal their mental and physical wounds. 
We could all take a cue from you in the way to nurture a returning veteran.

I know we don't say it enough,
and it shouldn't just be the reminder of a national holiday to bring it to light but
thank you thank you thank you!
I couldn't imagine making some of the choices these men and women make
but I also couldn't imagine living without them and the admirable things they do.

Happy Veteran's Day!

Friday, November 8, 2013

No Shave November

Just kidding. I still plan to shave. At least once a week. Ha.
Kidding again.
I just hadn't addressed that it's November and I felt like I should
because holy cow - how the heck did that happen.
Wasn't I just sweating my tush off by the pool?
Now I'm bundled in Uggs and scarves
and planning Thanksgiving activities for my kids.
I'll take "how fast time flies" for 300, Alex.


I'm just so darn happy it's Friday.
It's been one of those weeks where I just can't get myself together.
It's been a good week, don't get me wrong.
I've just felt sluggish all week. 
Like I'm just counting down the days until I'm done.
Done with what, I'm not sure.

I'm hoping it's not holiday fever.
You know that feeling you get when the holidays are quickly approaching
and you just want to drink hot chocolate
and let your kids spend all day making Christmas crafts
and spend your evenings snuggled on the couch
instead of packing a lunch or picking out your outfit for the next day
or doing any of the other 2350980 things you should be doing?

Yea, that's holiday fever. And it usually hits around December 10.
Only problem's November. November 8 to be exact.
I've got a whole month to go before succumbing to holiday fever is even remotely acceptable.

My itchy eyes, scratchy throat and runny nose could have something to do with it too
but we're not thinking about that.
If I ignore the symptoms they're sure to go away, right?

I's Friday - halle-freaking-lujah.
It's an early release day for students.
And there's no school on Monday.
Which means I'm looking at a nice longggg weekend.

ECU's Homecoming game is this weekend
and considering NC State lost their homecoming game last weekend
(I do not want to talk about it)
I'm hoping for a good time.
I'm also looking forward to some QT with my number one,
but when am I not looking forward to time with that sweet muffin?

Happy weekend dolls!

And a huge shout out to all our veterans for making it a nice, long weekend
and for all the other nice, safe days I have because of you!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things I'm Not Really Good At...

Do you ever have those moments where you spend hours reading and re-reading a specific blog? It happens to me All. The. Time. Sometimes they're new blogs that I've just stumbled upon, but more often than not, they're blogs I've been following and loving forever. I just go through these phases where I'm extra in love. #creeper101

Anywho...Allie has definitely been that blogger as of late. Girlfriend is ha-larious. She's also had some pretty great blogposts lately. So great, that I'm officially riding her coattails and stealing borrowing her ideas.

Ideally I would have started this little adventure by letting you know all the things I am really good at. Which is pretty much everything, duh. But I figured focusing on the things that I'm not so good at (which is actually more than the things I am good at) would be much more fun for all parties involved.

1. Finding and sticking to a regular gym schedule. I'm usually really good at picking up routines. In fact, I kind of sort of thrive on having a regular schedule. I'm like a toddler in that regard. However, try as I might, I can not get into the habit of going to the gym regularly. If I finally do find a gym schedule that I sort of can tolerate, it takes next to nothing to derail it. Oh, it's raining outside? Definitely can't go to the gym today. 

Nowwww we're talking my kind of exercise. 

2. Being quiet during movies/TV shows. Robbie will attest to this. It drives him absolutely crazy. I'm pretty good at the movie theater, but at home - forget about it?

3. Making hardboiled eggs. 9 times out of 10 they're undercooked. And 10 times out of 10 they're impossible to de-shell. I've pinned about 20 different tips and tricks, all to no avail.

4. Having a poker face. I've gotten pretty good at keeping my mouth shut when I'm thinking something I know I shouldn't say. Which doesn't even matter, because it's inevitably written all over my face.

5. Driving. There I said it. I run into things, I get lost. Blah blah blah.

6. Being the bigger person. I struggle with this all the time. I always, always, always try to be the bigger person. And I think most of the time, I'm successful. But it is hard.

7. Not telling a story eleventy billion times. I don't even have an explanation for this. Apparently I just repeat myself over and over again. #sorryaboutit

8. Finding pictures for blogposts. Either my blogposts revolve around a set of pictures or I'm at a loss, scrounging for another picture of my dog to throw in just for kicks and giggles.

Good thing I'm so good at jumping on bandwagons though. Go say hey to Allie and see what other blog posts I'll be hijacking in the near future. I kid I kid.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A few things...

1. My always prepared husband bought THE biggest bag of candy for the hoards of trick-or-treaters we were expecting on Halloween. And by "hoards" I mean the ONE trick-or-treater that actually showed up. Now I've got eight pounds of chocolate staring at me, practically begging me to dig in. The worst part - it's all the fun size candy. And you just don't say no to a fun size Snickers bar.

2. My dog has been climbing on everything lately. The back of the couch. The fireplace hearth. Our Saturday night guests. It's really becoming a problem. Any advice on how to teach a doxie the meaning of personal space?

3. It's friggin freezing outside. And inside. I'm just cold all the time. Which makes being productive reallyyyyy hard. If it can't happen from the warmth of my couch/bed it's probably not going to happen.

4. The countdown to Christmas is officially on and people have officially lost their minds. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas. And I currently have about 18 to-do lists involving Christmas shopping/planning/decorating. However, it is NOT Christmas. It's not even December. Hold your horses people. We've got a boat load of turkey and gravy to ingest before we can start decking the halls.

5. I don't how people watch real TV and get anything else done. I'm used to having the TV on all the time simply for background noise. But the past few days I've actually turned on something worth watching - a Law & Order: SVU rerun, an old Grey's Anatomy episode - and slowly but surely, the life has been sucked out of me. Add to that the frigid temperatures and I can't get anything done. I get home from school and before I know it, it's 8:00 and I've done nothing with my afternoon.

6. The time change. Bleh. That extra hour of sleep was nice. And I do enjoy driving to school in the daylight. However, the fact that it's pitch black by 6PM is something I will never get used to. How is that even acceptable?

7. My most favorite wittle step-sister turns 21 today. Well I guess technically she turned 21 last night at midnight because that's how it works. And just like that I feel old and jealous and tempted to skip work and drive to Chapel Hill and pretend to be in college with her again. Except I won't. I'll just wish her the happiest of birthdays and countdown the days until she comes home and we can legally share a drink together!

Look at that party animal.

8. I use my crock pot now. Kind of a lot. NOT for stew beef. Ew. Never ever for stew beef. But I've found lots of yummy, gluten-free, only semi-fattening dips and dishes to cook in the crock pot and I'm pretty darn proud of myself for it.

9. I'd really like for this list to make it to number 10, but I doubt that's going to happen.

10. Oh wait - the most important thing of all. Happy hump dayyyyyyy! Bam - hello number 10.