Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm a Tailgate Fan

So as you may or may not have noticed,
I've been in quite the blogging funk lately.
But one girl that always seems to know 
how to get you out of any funk you might find yourself in
has started a pretty fun link up.

You see, Venus is the kind of sports fan I wish I could be.
You know, the one who actually knows what she's talking about.
Yea....that one.

Disclaimer: I am not that fan.

Sure I grew up around football 
and can follow along pretty well.
I get the rules of the game and 
I don't think I sound like a complete moron during sports related conversations. 
("think" being the operative word. The males in my life may disagree.)

But my favorite part of football season,
hands down is the trash talking
and the tailgating.

And let's be real,
99.9% of "real sports fans" would say the same thing.

Everyone loves a good rivalry. 
And if you're not talking at least a little bit of smack to said rivalry 
you're not doing it right. 

When your mouth isn't busy fueling friendly competition,
you know it's going to be busy eating and drinking.

The first thing that pops in your mind when you hear the word baseball?
Hotdogs. Duh.

And I don't care who you are,
you can't deny a good football tailgate 
with chocolate peanut butter rice crispy treats that look like this.

With all that being said,
you absolutely, positively can not tailgate
or get pumped up for a big game
without backing that azz up just a little bit.

I'm leaving you today with two of my tailgate classics.
You see, I am currently a fan divided. 

I grew up a NC State Wolfpack fan, went to school there
and will always bleed red.
And like we always say, 
"If I die in Raleigh, at least I will die free".

However, the hub-a-lub is a die hard East Carolina Pirates fan.
And because like they always say,
"You can't spell PARTIES without PIRATES".

Venus Trapped in Mars

Now go back that glitter sports fan azz up here and here.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I can recap my weekend on a Wednesday, right?

We'll just pretend like I was a good little blogger
and this post actually got written and published yesterday
Kay? Kay. Good.

This weekend was one for the books, folks.
One that made going back to work on Tuesday 230984x harder than usual.

Take a look for yourself.

one. the prettiest little bowl of fruit I ever did see. and the yummiest little bowl of fruit I ever did eat.
two. willow experienced her first game of corn hole. she loved chasing those bean bags.
three. two of my very best friends.
four. Willow and her new pint-sized best friend. 
five. more corn hole (without any doxie distractions).
six. sunbathing Roxy.
seven. crafty utensils.
eight. crafty USA banner.
nine. brand new baby Reagan. Willow's not so favorite pint-sized friend.

We learned that baby time is going to be quite interesting in the Dunn household. (Good thing we've got five years to brace ourselves.)

one. & two. river day with my honey. he carries my bags and everything.


The long weekend ended with slightly sunburnt skin, wind-blown bonfire hair, a teensy wine hangover, and not quite enough sleep. 
I wasn't sure which was more full - my heart or my tummy.

And that my friends, is what makes for a fabulous weekend. 

Sami's Shenanigans


Monday, May 27, 2013

Because of the Brave

Apparently the new thing to do via social media
is post an insightful, thought-provoking 
Memorial Day status that goes a little something like this...

"For those of you that think today is National BBQ Day, please remember the lives that were lost for you."

Don't get me wrong, I see the point,
just from a bit of a different angle.

I think today should be dubbed "National BBQ/Boat/Day-off Work/Beach Day"
because that's what America is all about - the freedom to do whatever the hell you want to on a day like this.

Sure, while we're enjoying all of those freedoms,
we should be mindful of the men and women that lost their lives
to ensure that we are able to day drink on the beach all day today.

But really, shouldn't we be mindful of those men and women everyday?
The fact that I can wake up on any given morning,
drive myself to a paying job
that I enjoy 95% of the time,
is because of those men and women.

The fact that I can sleep in on a Saturday
even though I have laundry and dishes that should be done instead
is because of those men and women.

The fact that I got to choose who I wanted to marry
and where I wanted to live
and what God I want to serve
is because of those men and women.

And those things happen all the time,
not just on Memorial Day.

So yes, for those of you that would like to know,
I am spending today in the sunshine
in a bathing suit
with my family and friends
celebrating the "unofficial" start of summer.
Tomorrow I will spend the day back at work
with 22 first grade babies
and amazing colleagues.

And throughout it all, I will remember 
the brave men and women 
that made all of it possible.

Happy Memorial Day!
And God Bless America!


That time I used to be a blogger

Oh hi!
Remember me?
I used to blog pretty regularly around these parts.
And then....I just didn't.
You know it's pretty bad when your husband casually mentions,
"hey, so you know you haven't posted a new post since like, last Tuesday?"

I wish I had some spectacular explanation as to why I haven't been blogging lately.
Like I've been too busy climbing Mt. Everest. 
Or training circus elephants.
Or auditioning for the next season of The Voice.

Unfortunately, none of those things have happened since you saw me last.
I've just been in a funk lately.
I've had zero motivation to blog.
Sure, great blog ideas still occasionally pop in my head.
Usually when I'm on the potty or in the shower.
But that's where they've stayed.

Even now, sitting here, it feels forced.
And I just don't think a "hobby" should feel forced.

However, I do love this hobby.
I enjoy blogging and I honestly believe it's one of the reasons this past year
has gone a lot smoother than last year. 
And I remember when I was little,
sometimes going to dance or piano lessons or cheerleading practice 
felt forced. But I did it anyway.

So here I am. 
Just doing it.
Because I do like blogging.
And maybe if I just get back on the horse it'll come back to me.
And wa-lah, the motivation will hit me.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What I did (and didn't do) this weekend.

I didn't...get a tan. Even though I did...go to the beach and work in the yard all day Sunday. I tell ya what, I'm not completely sure I see the point of yard work if you don't have freshly sun-kissed skin to show for it. Something about pretty landscaping? Eh.

I didn' any school work. Honestly, I haven't done much school work on the weekends period this year. One of my new school year resolutions.

I did...cook, not one, but two meals. Immmmpressive.

I didn't...make it downtown to see the cast of Buckwild. Call me crazy, but I just was not interested.

I did...drink a little too much wine on Friday night. I blame my mother. I always drink a little too much when I'm with her. Something about the free booze?

I did...fight the impending hangover Saturday morning by waking up at 9:00 and going for a run.
Yep. You heard read that right.

I did...go for a run. Outside. In the morning. It was exhilarating.

I didn't...go grocery shopping for the week. Robbie took care of that for me last night. #husbandoftheyear

I didn't...completely realize the history behind Fort Macon. Although I do now.

I didn't...stick to my gluten free diet. I've been really bad about it lately. I swear I was ten times healthier and toner three months ago when my body was covered by scarves and sweaters. Now that it's actually bikini season, all I want to do it eat. I think this is what's called, God's sense of humor? 

I did...get really sad when the weekend ended. As always.

Now let the countdown begin for next weekend - which will be 3 1/2 days long, full of cookouts, bikinis, and sun. Come on Friday!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ways to Make Monday Suck LESS

- Wear neon. It makes you look super tan and can almost trick your mind into thinking it's actually sunny outside. Even if it's not.

- Find time to watch at least one episode of Friends. If Phoebe Buffay can't turn your Monday frown upside down, I don't know what will. 

- Pack extra cookies for lunch.

- Continue to remind yourself that you only have one more Monday left before summer vacation. (If you're not a teacher, I hate it for ya.)

- Wear sassy underpants. 

- Send your husband to the grocery store with a very detailed list.

- YouTube search "The Sid Shuffle" and do it with everyone you know.

- Spend your free time at work catching up on all your favorite blogger's weekend shenanigans with Sami. Stay tuned for mine coming tomorrow. 


P.S. I am completely aware that I have sucked royally at blogging lately. Blame the 85+ degree weather. Blame the fact that there are only 12 days left of school. Blame the fact that I had too much wine this weekend to even think about opening my computer. Whatevs. I'll get better.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Let's Play a Game

That's what I said to Robbie a few nights ago
and like a little kid on Christmas Eve,
his eyes lit up and he got this big, goofy grin on his face.
Until, I followed with not that kind of game, doofus. A blogging game.

Needless to say,
his grin got a little lot smaller
but he reluctantly agreed
and three weeks later,
I present to you:

Facts of M according to R

Robbie's facts about me, completely unedited. Except I did make a few comments like this.

Sidenote: I read about this on Raven's blog a while ago
and thought it sounded fun!
Very rarely do I come up with such a clever idea on my own.


1.  She thought she was diabetic for a week when she was in high school. I blame google.

2.  She does not like Spaghetti, at all.

3.  Her favorite animal is an Elephant with Zebra stripes.

I didn't know these existed until right now, but yes that is my new favorite animal.

4.  She's not really a morning person or a night owl.  You'll catch her at her best when she is eating.

5.  She has only driven Honda Accords but really wants a 4Runner.

6.  Sometimes she doesn't want kids because she is afraid they won't be as cute as Roxy and Willow.

7.  She claims to be a NC State fan but has only been to 1 game since graduating in 2011.  While she has been to at least 10 ECU games.  Go Pirates! Sorry Carter, this is kind of true. I still claim to be a State fan, but the numbers don't lie. Whoops.

8.  Her favorite part of Target is the dollar section.

9.  She thinks she is eating gluten free but actually eats just as much as I do. *side eye*

10.  She only puts $30 in her car when "filling up."

11.  She thinks she can buy anything that is purple because I like purple. I hate that he's figured out my trick to buying new clothes.

12.  Her favorite color is purple and any type of animal print. My favorite color is not purple. That's just wishful ECU thinking.

13.  She was born on a Monday.

14.  Her family calls her Mare.

15.  I call her M, Mars, or Kim (she is always on her phone or computer like Kim Kardashion).

16.  She really enjoys stalking herself up here as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Guilty as charged. P.S. Y'all better be stalking me too bishes. 


I have to say, I was pretty impressed with how point-on all of these were. 
And most of them are facts I would willingly share with people as well.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why Are Weekends So Short?

I know, I know. 
It's such a cliche question.
And whoever finds the answer to it 
could become a very rich person.
Better yet, whoever finds a way to solve the problem 
of weekends being too short 
could become a very rich person.

Either way, this weekend was one of the best,
which coincidentally means it was also one that felt the shortest.
I never want the good ones to end. 

Let's recap shall we?

one. apparently at 24, I've decided to have allergies? Either that or it's an eye infection. Either way, it has been no fun.
two. warm weather + birthdays = cookouts. scattered afternoon showers = cookouts + the tailgating tent.
three. my step-dad, David's, ah-mazing cake courtesy of my ah-mazing stepsister. 
four. David aka the Birthday Diva. 
five. hammock, cousin, puppy time on Mother's Day.
six. my puppy mama card from my fur babies (courtesy of my sweet hubs). I'm not a huge Gatsby fan and didn't go see the movie this weekend, but I'm pretty sure that's a good reference. 
seven. me and my boo thing at church on Sunday.
eight. my mother-in-law's Mother's Day gift - homemade pallet sign.
nine. checking out the gerbils with Wee Worm. I'm not sure if she wanted to play with them or eat them, but either way she could have watched them like this for hours. 

And because I just think my mama is the bee's knees,
(and because I know she's reading my blog today).

Mom - thanks for being our number one fan and supporting us in everything we do.
You are an amazingly strong woman and I am immensely thankful for all that you do.
I feel so blessed that God chose you to be my mama - I couldn't have handpicked one better.
One day (in the semi-far future) I hope to be at least half the amazing mom you are. 

Linking up with Sami.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Adore the Life You Have

I'm not sure if Ashley came up with this on her own
if she found it somewhere else
but either way, it is pure genius. 
Absolutely brilliant.

I found this on her blog a few nights ago
after Robbie and I had completely re-worked our five-year plan
and the line that caught my attention the most was

Build the life you want, but adore the life you have.

And oh em gee. If that does not describe me to a tee, I don't know what does.
Robbie and I have about ten different five-year plans in the works right now.
One of our favorite things to do is map out our future.
We've both been doing it since high school.
We tend to get in the mind set of "what's next..."

And while it's fun thinking about "what's next..."
and imagining all the different things we could do in the next few years,
it's important to not lose sight of "what's right now"

Robbie and I both are at a point in our lives
(along with probably every other 24 year old)
where we have so many dreams and so many things that we'd love to accomplish.
Each dream is so different and requires taking such a different path
choosing which one to take is tough.

But one thing that is NOT tough,
is realizing how blessed we are to have this life that we're living right now
in this moment. 
As overwhelming as it can be, 
I feel so lucky to be able to dream about the future
and to literally have the world at my fingertips.

I have an amazing family that I know will support me in any choice I make,
a husband who helps foster even my wildest dreams
and will chase them down with me no matter what.

I think adoring the life I have is what makes building the life I want possible.


P.S. I found the cutest doxie blog. Ammo is the coolest, funnest, most adventurest doxie I've ever met. Also known as Willow's future boyfriend. Check him out here.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Things I Learned at a Dance Recital

- Daddy's that tie bows are The. Cutest. Things. Ever.

- Dance recitals are a lot longer than when I took dance.

- Oh, and apparently they tumble now?

- White girls can't dance hip-hop. Unless they're drunk. Ever.

- Always pack a bottle of water - you get thirstay.

- Leotards have shorts now? 

- I bet that cuts down on the wedgies, for sure.

- This one girl has been in like 10 different dances.

- My little girl WILL take dance.

- I am obsessed with glitter and tutus.

- Why did I ever stop dancing?

- Maybe there's an adult class?

- Being a dance teacher would be the funnest job in the world.

- Except, I bet putting on this three hour dance recital was the most stressful thing she's ever done.

- Although picking out the outfits would be so worth it.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bunco, Horses, and Margaritas! Oh my!

Well hello, there blog world.
Long time no see type.
Last week just got the best of me
and by Thursday I was done.
I know, I know - and this is different from every other week, how?
But I'm back (a day late)
and ready to recap all the exciting adventures I've been up to lately.
And by adventures, I obviously mean mediocre happenings, but hey
it is what it is.

As usual - I kind of sucked big time at documenting above said adventures
but I was able to capture a few things.

one. I had a training on Friday so my weekend kind of sort of started on Thursday with a charity fashion show and quick appearance at mom's substitute Bunco group. Obviously the only thing I deemed worth documenting was the food - those Bunco ladies don't mess around.
two. My honey and I at Delanie's dance recital Friday night.
three and four. Robbie and me with the star of the show.

five. I channeled my inner Pink Lou Lou (with a little help from Pinterest).
six. My step-mom hosted a Derby Party at her house on Saturday - betting, big hats, mint juleps and all.

{Sidenote: I had nooooo idea what a mint julep even was until this party. It has bourbon in it - who knew?!? And while I wasn't a big fan of them, I do tend to enjoy some "gasoline" (bourbon) every once in a while. Southern Belles take shots, right?) 

seven. Bets for Win, Place, and Show. I put all my money on Frac Daddy, because hello, his name was Frac Daddy. Unfortunately, the cool name was all he had going for him. 
seven. The Derby After Party proved to be a fun time for all.


Sunday was obviously Cinco de Mayo. 
So, naturally, Robbie and I had pizza. 
I don't care what holiday it is, you can never go wrong with a slice of New York-style pizza.
There of course were a few margaritas to go around 
and I also may or may not have single handily finished an entire bag of chips and salsa. 
It was  great weekend for the gluten-free diet, clearly.

And now, here we are. Another week.
But the good thing about recapping your weekend on a Tuesday is
it's already Tuesday. 

Oh and also, I'm getting my haircut this afternoon.
Go ahead and place your bets.
The plan is to go shorter 
but chances are I'll leave looking exactly the same as I did when I got there.
Hair cuts aren't my most favoritest things. 


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I hate changes....

I mean sometimes they're pretty fun
and I usually always love them after the fact.
But I'm not a big fan of the whole build up.
Especially when that change means me learning something new.

(Shhhh don't tell any of my college professors or other teaching colleagues cause technically, as an educator, we should all support lifelong learning, but eh? not my favorite thing.)

Anywho...this whole Google Reader thing (whatever the heck that is) 
is apparently disappearing and everyone is switching over to Bloglovin.
Honestly, it all seems like a bunch of jibberish to me
as I can't really tell the difference between it all.

But, Delightfully Dunn is now up and running on Bloglovin
so follow along bitches!
I'm thinking you click that lovely little link below

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

and bada-boom bada-bing we should be good to go.

Moving on...

One change I don't actually hate though is the change in months.

I'm not even 100% sure what May Day is exactly,
except that I think these are beautiful...

and these look delicious....

and I just love the start of a new month! 

Happy May y'all!