Friday, September 28, 2012

there really should be a song for today...oh wait.

Oh Friday, we meet again!
And as always, I am so pleased.
Almost as please as the little girl in my class
who has been conducting her own, personal countdown
since Tuesday.
(Girl after my own heart.)

Anyway, I'm off to another wedding/football weekend extravaganza.
But don't you worry.
I found this lovely lady to entertain you sweet blog readers.
You're welcome.
If you don't follow Erin's blog,
you should yesterday.
Girlfriend is fun-nay. 
I'm super excited that she agreed to pop over for the day.
And you should be too.

Take it away sister.



I'm Erin and I blog over at

I love Blogland through and through but the one thing that has irked my tator tot this past month was all of the fall posts.

I am obsessed with fall.
(who isn't)

If you're one of the few who isn't then just don't tell me because I'll probably judge you and correlate your name with the Grinch or something.
(you wouldn't want that)

But anyway, it seems like everyone and their brother's uncle jumped the gun with everything fall as soon as, oh, the last firework popped on July 4th?
And now that fall is actually officially here I've kind of fallen out of love with fall.

Pshhhhh, just kidding.

I'm here today to show you my Fall Bucket List.
Because any list that has to last longer than a season would take way too much effort for my brain.

So here we go...the five things I would love to accomplish before Christmas (and any of you Grinch monsters) arrives.

Fall Bucket List
(1) Get a little Pinterest inspired by decorating punks instead of carving them. Except for I'll do both because this little lady needs those pumpkin seeds in and around her mouth like it's nobodies business. Add a dash of garlic salt and the entire season has been concurred.

(2) Acquire one of these ooberly amazingly scrumptious looking cowl neck sweater scarves. And by acquire I mean buy since the only sticks I know how to use have a chop in front of them. Apparently eating takes priority over making cozy things to cover up the food baby that develops after the chopsticks have done work.

(3) Play in the leaves, drive through the leaves, enjoy the tiny bit of leaves that we get to see here in New York City. And then wallow in the bliss of not having to pick a single one of the leaves up after they fall to their death.

(4) Buy a new pair of boots. Because that should be on every single one of your bucket lists. (a few times) (and then a couple more)

(5) Throw a football party. Because people might question me if I go to the bar every Sunday to hang out with burly men pitchers of beer. GO NY GIANTS!


And on that note, I'm off to enjoy my own pitcher of beer.
And hopefully begin crossing some things off my own bucket list.
Probably not simultaneously.
That could end badly.

Don't forget to check out Erin's blog HERE.
Oh, and have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gripes and Gratitudes

One of my blog crushes, Raven
does this often. 
She gripes about things worth griping about
(because sometimes griping just does a girl good).
And gives gratitude (is that grammatically correct?) 
to all things wonderful and gratitude-worthy.

(I guess my first gripe should be the English language,
because apparently I'm struggling with it today.)

Anywho....I think she normally does this thing on Friday
but I've got nothing else for ya today 
so here goes. 
Consider it an early Friday present!

Gripes first.

Blow-drying my hair has got to be the worse activity I do all day.
While I've gotten it down to a perfect science,
it only takes about 5 min,
they are the worst 5 min of my life. 

The Walking Dead. Talk about a ridiculous show. 
I'm not sure why, now, all of a sudden,
my husband has become so obsessed with it. 
We have this thing, 
where we pick a TV show and watch the whole season
from start to finish. 
First it was Sex and The City
(my personal fav).
Then Friday Night Lights. 
Pure Gold.
I still miss those sweet Taylors.
Then, it was Entourage. 
Which was funny and entertaining enough.
But for some strange reason, he thought The Walking Dead
would be a good follow-up. 
Ugh. The only thing worse than flesh-eating zombies are vampires.
Don't even get me started on vampires.

Blog drama. Lately there's been lots of negativity 
floating around these here blog parts.
Well, not my blog parts specifically. 
But a lot of the knee-slapping, huh-larious, witty blogs I follow
have been getting some serious hate. 
Make it stop. Cyber-bullying is ridiculous.
Besides, that's what Facebook is for.


My husband and his speedy laundry folding skills.
Although he can't pick a TV show worth a darn
(see above)
he has mad laundry skills. 
Not only will he start it, but he'll fold it
(because we all know that's the worse part)
and he can do it so quick. 
Reason number 397384729394 why I love that little studmuffin.

Yogurt. Not frozen yogurt.
The real, fruity, good-for-you yogurt.
I feel so refreshed and healthy when I pack you in my lunch.

Comments like this one from my sweet first grade babies.
(Given to me the day I didn't have time to take a shower)
"Mrs. Dunn, you look so pretty today. I hardly even recognized you."
Angels, I tell ya. Sweet angels. 

Mexican night with my teacher friends.
It's become a pretty regular thing.
And I am definitely a fan.
Girlfriends, margaritas, chips and salsa, 
and our own version of "kids say/do the darndest things"
are definitely key components to my sanity each week. 

Happy Thursday friends! 
You've almost made it through another week! 

Now go visit Raven, forreal. You won't be disappointed. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting

I have had to actually limit my time on Pinterest.
I'm convinced that it causes more harm than good.

However, there's a reason why it's so addicting.
Because it's freaking awesome, that's why.

And since it's Wednesday (and progress reports go home tomorrow)
what better thing to do than waste a few hours on Pinterest
and share all my incredibly awesome finds,
that will never actually come to fruition,
with you!

Okay, I'll stop there.
See what I mean.
Follow me for more fun.
I promise you won't be disappointed.

{THIS board in particular is my fav.}

Oh yea, and don't forget to link up and share you're favorite procrastination station. 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Not Your Grandma's Election

Warning: This is NOT, I repeat, this is NOT a political post.

Trust me, no one hates politics more than this girl.
However, in case you haven't noticed
or have been trying desperately to block it all out,
there is a pretty big election on the horizon.
In fact, it's 41 days away (in case you were wondering)
and the only way I know that is because for some strange reason
the weatherman informed me of it this morning while I was 
innocently munching on my cinnamon toast waffle. 

A girl just wants to enjoy her Eggo in peace, afterall.

Now, don't get me wrong.
I do realize how important politics are
and at the root of it all,
we, as Americans are pretty lucky to even have the chance
to mudsling and express our completely biased opinions.
Not everyone else has that privilege. 

I also realize that it is our civic duty to vote
and I'm a firm believer in being the change you wish to see in the world. 
If you're not happy with the way things are, 
do something about it,
instead of just complaining.
Ideally, voting is one way to go about this. 

my sweet, God-fearing, 80-year-old Mema agrees.

Oh yea, she still attends Luaus too.

And to ensure that all of her children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews
see the importance in voting
she sent out a letter. 

That's right, folks.
Somehow, this sweet little old lady
got hold of a photocopier,
used her very neatest handwriting,
found relevant articles to reference
and mailed her (not so subtle) opinion 
out to 15 plus people. 

For those of you that aren't lucky enough to know my Mema personally
this story won't touch your heart in quite the same way.
 But you can trust me on this one...
if you're ever running for office
you want this lady as your running mate.

Hear that future president fellas?


Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall, Football, and Grey Hairs

As always, 
the weekend was way too fun
and way too short.
If you follow me on Instagram,
you've probably already seen most of these.
(sorry in advance)
and if you don't follow me on Instagram...
shame on you!

We road-tripped to Raleigh (dropping the dogs off at the grandparents' house first) to celebrate the first day of fall the only way we knew how... a football game.

Robbie actually got to go to two football games.
Lucky ducky.
He scooted over to Chapel Hill for the UNC vs. ECU game on Saturday morning.
Then met us for the NC State vs. Citadel game on Saturday night.

P.S. Speaking of football,
Isn't this the cutest door wreath thingy you've ever seen? 
A girl I went to college with made it for me and I. Am. Obsessed.

We met up with my mom and step-dad Friday night 
and piled into one big hotel suite together. 

The girl who notoriously always packs too much 
has apparently lost her touch. 
Hence the fact I had to wear real shoes with my jammies
(because, despite my love for being barefoot,
 I do not walk around hotels without shoes on....ever.)

While we were there we also met the Very Hungry Caterpillar...
well, we found his tracks at least.

Saturday was filled with lots of red, lots of food, and lots of fun!
Just how I like it.

It was all I could do not to jump up there with those cute little wolfies.

Even Robbie was able to put on red (after wearing purple all day, of course). 

 And all too soon, it was time to head home.
But don't you worry, 
the nice, 70 degree, fall breeze 
made the ride much more enjoyable.

Oh, and in case my headache Sunday morning 
wasn't enough of a reminder 
that I am no longer in college
I found this doozy of a grey hair first thing this morning.

Happy Monday....

Join in HERE. You know you wanna.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I believe in...

I believe in using laughter as a cure for anything that ails you.

I believe in children and in protecting their innocence as long as possible.

I believe in hugs.

I believe in true, ever-lasting, rocking chair right beside you love.

I believe in organization.

I believe in puppy dog kisses.

I believe in Apple products. Thank you Steve Jobs.

I believe in Heaven.

I believe in Santa Clause and the magic he brings to Christmas.

I believe in double stuffed Oreos.

I believe in (non-tacky) zebra-print anything and everything.

I believe in dancing and singing, even if you think you don't know how.

I believe in quiet beach days.

I believe in spell-check.

I believe in junk food - in moderation of course.

I believe in football.

I believe in being barefoot whenever possible. 
(Just not in public bathrooms.)

I believe in setting goals and working your tail off to reach them.

I believe in girlfriends.

I believe in the good of humanity.

I believe in margaritas, chips and salsa, and big sombreros. 

I believe in leggings and UGGS.

I believe in helping someone every chance you get.

I believe in being polite to others.

I believe in standing up for what you believe in by joining Erin HERE.


Am I the only one...

....who feels like this week is draaaaaagging on. 
Ugh. Come on Friday!

Anyway, if there's one thing I've learned 
since I started blogging
it's that you people have a lot of quirks.

Don't get me wrong:
I love it. 
Because let's be real,
I, too, have quite a few quirks.
Just a few though. 

And I'm convincing myself 
that I am not the only one with these silly quirks. 
Other people do these things, too.

Am I the only one...

....who craves breakfast food 24/7?

....who has to weigh themselves anytime they walk into a bathroom with a scale?
(number 1 reason why we don't own a scale.)

....who is super annoyed with politics right now?

Am I the only one...

....who hates The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad etc.?
(enough already, ABC.)

....who gets ready in the dark? Literally.

....who doesn't really like the smell/taste of pumpkin?

Am I the only one...

...who thinks it's completely pointless to take a shower, unless you're going to wash your hair?

....who wants their own reality show?
I promise it would be more entertaining than The Bachelor.

....who sometimes secretly avoids checking their work email?

Am I the only one...

....who loves 18-wheelers that have monster faces?

....who thinks Instagram is wayyy better than Twitter which is wayyyy better than Facebook.
{Follow me bee-tee-dub. @mariannadunn}

...who really wants you to share the silly quirks you have?
Don't be shy!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Hey Guys! Hey! Hey!

It's me, Willow.

Mom has a bad case of the Mondays (whatever that means)
and plus I heard Erin's dog Maggie wrote a blog once.
If she can do it, so can I, right? Right!
I don't think mom will care if I take over for a day.
And if she does I'll just lick her face and give her these eyes.

I mean, seriously.
I never get in trouble with those puppy dog eyes.

Not with mom at least.
Dad is a whole other story.
Just today he got very angry with me.
But you know what, it wasn't even my fault really.

It was part Roxy's fault
(she's my bestest friend in case you didn't know)

and part that dumb cat's fault.

You see, dad let us out to tinkle 
because we're supposed to tinkle outside
(I'm getting muuuuuch better remembering that one by the way)
When all of a sudden this cat ran by our yard.
I really don't care about cats but for some reason Roxy got all excited
and she chased right after that cat
into the neighbor's yard.
Obviously I had to follow her, 
because that's what bestest friends do any way.

Daddy was reallllllllllly angry. 
He made Roxy wear her big black collar.
I used to think that thing was just for her.
And I was a little jealous 
cause we're supposed to have everything the same.

Well I learned what that big black thing was really all about this afternoon.
And let me tell you.
Roxy can keep that sucker all to herself.

Anyway, other than getting in trouble sometimes
I have a pretty great life. I think mommy wrote about it once before.
She wishes she could be me.
And really, who doesn't. 

I have lots of favorite things.
Roxy's my number one favorite thing.
One time she got a really big boo-boo 
and I helped take care of her.
It was the only time she let me snuggle with her.

Mom and dad said it was because of something called "the drugs"
whatever those are. 
I just think Roxy likes personal space sometimes.
Which is cool. 
Cause mommy will always snuggle with me.
Which is another one of my favorite things.

She calls me her little burrito.
I guess it's kinda cute.

I also love, love, love playing with my toys.
Especially my pinky.
We play together all the time.
Or sometimes we just perch on pillows.

Sometimes I play with tennis balls.
We have a huuuuuuge hallway at our new house
that's big enough for me to run and run and run. 
That's lots of fun.
Until the balls roll under furniture.
I try to get them out on my own but mostly I have to wait for help.
Which sometimes takes days.

Occasionally Roxy will share her toys with me.
But that's only sometimes 
(when she's not looking)
Besides, they're not really my size. 

Things have pretty been pretty good for me so far.
Mom says I'm the cutest thing she's ever seen
(as if this is supposed to surprise me.
I do know what a mirror 
I get lots of ice cubes - they're wonderful
except for they make my nose real cold.
And I'm even allowed to sleep in the bed every night now.
Mom and dad tried this thing where I slept in my own bed.
But it's just not as comfy as their's. 
So I very politely convinced them to just let me share.
I don't take up much room after all.

There was that one time when I had to take a bath.
And another time when dad tried to teach me to swim.
That was pretty terrible.


Anyway, that's all I've got for today. 
Mom looks like she could use some snuggles.

Thanks for letting me visit!

P.S. For those of who you are confused...I'm a dachshund. A piebald dachshund to be exact.
Daddy picked me out special for mommy when she graduated from college.
And boy are we glad he did!