Monday, June 4, 2012

20/30: Childhood Moments

20/30: Describe three significant memories from your childhood.

1. Number one, hands down - becoming a big sister. My brother was born when I was 4 and I was convinced that he was my baby. I had wanted a baby brother or sister for sooooo long. (I even asked Santa for one.) I remember kissing my mom's pregnant belly goodnight and making cards in pre-school for my new baby brother. Growing up, we've always gotten along and had the most fun together. We've always taken care of each other and been each others' biggest fans. Even though he's now 18, 6'4", and graduating from high school next weekend, I still picture him as my sweet, buck-tooth baby brother. I couldn't be more proud of the man that he's becoming and am so thankful for him and the relationship we share.

2. Moving to New Bern. This is also a distant memory because I was only 3. But I have snippets of clear memories of the whole moving process. The first was being really concerned about a boy moving into my old room. The thought of Batman action figures replacing my pink Barbies was really hard for my 3 year old brain to comprehend. I also remember spending the first night in our new house. Mom, dad, and I ordered pizza and slept in the living room in sleeping bags (because nothing else was unpacked). I thought it was the coolest thing ever! Obviously, my whole life started once we moved to New Bern, so moving was a pretty significant thing.

3. Summer beach trips with the Carters. We used to go to the beach for a week every summer with family friends from Durham. My parents started the tradition with a group of couples they knew through work before we were even born. It morphed into so many different things over the years, but one thing it remained was a great time spent catching up with great friends. Carter and I used to look forward to this trip for weeks. I remember strategically packing and planning all the fun things we were going to do together! I have very fond memories of days spent on the beach with my "extended family".



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