Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What a week!!

Well folks...we are officially moved into our new house! We are not however officially done with all our little projects. I am told this is considered the norm for new homeowners - having lots of little projects here and there. You should know by now my OCD won't be able to handle much of that but so far I am doing okay, even with the unfinished rooms and piles and piles of boxes that are currently in my life.

Here's a sneak peak of the (very) unfinished product - pre-clutter! (Hey, we're getting there!)

Our living/dining room.

Our laundry room (potentially my favorite room in the house!)

Our master bedroom.

The fact that we leave tonight for the Dominican Republic could be part of my nonchalant attitude. That's right - I am off for a relaxing week at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana, DR and I could not be more excited!! Robbie and I went last summer for our honeymoon and LOVED it. So much so, that when my mom and stepdad mentioned a family vacation we petitioned to go back!

 Romantic Dinner for Two

I'm particularly excited for several different reasons:

1. It's absolutely gorgeous there. The all-inclusive drinks, food, and activities don't hurt either.

2. This will be the first big family vacation we've taken since my parents got divorced and the first family vacation we've taken as the Steberts (our blended family name) - all 7 of us! It's going to be GREAT!! We all get along really well and have a blast together even when we're just sitting around the kitchen table. Being in paradise is going to be wonderfullllll and so much fun!

Now, I will admit, there's a teeny tiny part of me that's going to be itching to get back and decorate my house. We're finally in the fun part of remodeling - decorating!! And there's going to be an even bigger part of me that's going to miss my furbabies.

Speaking of furbabies....

We took our precious little pups to the beach last week!

Roxy (our black lab) has been before and LOVES it. She is definitely a beach bum.

But this was Willow's very first time. Apart from a dreadful experience in the bathtub...

she's never really been in the water so we weren't really sure how she would react.

Although there were a few moments like this...

overall, I think she liked it. The best part was that they were so well-behaved. I know, that could be the anal retentive teacher in me but I get so proud when my babies (four-legged or not) are on their best behavior.

Dog Days of Summer

They'll go off for their own vacay in Kinston with Robbie's parents for the week while I'm lounging on the beach with an ice cold drink in my hand. Ahhh...

If I had been more organized I would have scheduled some guest bloggers for ya while I'm gone (I love when other bloggers do that) but you know me....maybe next time!

Until then, I'll see you dolls in a week with some great vacation stories!



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