Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I can recap my weekend on a Wednesday, right?

We'll just pretend like I was a good little blogger
and this post actually got written and published yesterday
Kay? Kay. Good.

This weekend was one for the books, folks.
One that made going back to work on Tuesday 230984x harder than usual.

Take a look for yourself.

one. the prettiest little bowl of fruit I ever did see. and the yummiest little bowl of fruit I ever did eat.
two. willow experienced her first game of corn hole. she loved chasing those bean bags.
three. two of my very best friends.
four. Willow and her new pint-sized best friend. 
five. more corn hole (without any doxie distractions).
six. sunbathing Roxy.
seven. crafty utensils.
eight. crafty USA banner.
nine. brand new baby Reagan. Willow's not so favorite pint-sized friend.

We learned that baby time is going to be quite interesting in the Dunn household. (Good thing we've got five years to brace ourselves.)

one. & two. river day with my honey. he carries my bags and everything.


The long weekend ended with slightly sunburnt skin, wind-blown bonfire hair, a teensy wine hangover, and not quite enough sleep. 
I wasn't sure which was more full - my heart or my tummy.

And that my friends, is what makes for a fabulous weekend. 

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  1. Its such a small world - I met Abby at a friend's wedding last summer! I'm glad you got some lake time this weekend - thats the best!

  2. Fun! The good news? It is already almost next weekend! Whoo Hoo!!