Monday, May 20, 2013

Ways to Make Monday Suck LESS

- Wear neon. It makes you look super tan and can almost trick your mind into thinking it's actually sunny outside. Even if it's not.

- Find time to watch at least one episode of Friends. If Phoebe Buffay can't turn your Monday frown upside down, I don't know what will. 

- Pack extra cookies for lunch.

- Continue to remind yourself that you only have one more Monday left before summer vacation. (If you're not a teacher, I hate it for ya.)

- Wear sassy underpants. 

- Send your husband to the grocery store with a very detailed list.

- YouTube search "The Sid Shuffle" and do it with everyone you know.

- Spend your free time at work catching up on all your favorite blogger's weekend shenanigans with Sami. Stay tuned for mine coming tomorrow. 


P.S. I am completely aware that I have sucked royally at blogging lately. Blame the 85+ degree weather. Blame the fact that there are only 12 days left of school. Blame the fact that I had too much wine this weekend to even think about opening my computer. Whatevs. I'll get better.

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