Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How To Throw a (sorta fake) Graduation Party

If you've been paying attention for long, you know that I love love LOVE having people over. Any excuse to host a party is a good excuse for me! And while I may not always (read never) have Pinterest-worthy garland or paper straws or washi tape food labels, I always always make sure everyone has a good time.

Robbie finished school last week and obviously it was major means for celebration! Just a little back story - he graduated forreal in 2011 with a degree in History and Sports Studies. What do you do with a degree in History and Sports Studies, you might ask? Not a whole lot. So he went back to school part time for his teaching license add-on. It's called a post-baccelorate program or something. And that's what he's been working on for the past two years. BUT because he's technically not getting another degree, he didn't get another graduation ceremony. Which was just no beuno in my mind.

Time to throw together a sorta fake graduation party (aka an excuse to have all our family and friends over to drink and eat and be merry). Just because he didn't get another diploma or get to walk in a ceremony he still totally deserved to celebrate his accomplishments.

And that is just what we did Friday night.

I decked our house out in ECU purple and gold everything (even though my balloons were a little too far on the fuchsia side) through together a few sub platters, baked a couple dozen cookies, chilled several cases of beer, cranked 2000s Hip Hop Pandora (it's been my go-to lately) and spent the evening with the people who mean the most to Robbie and me. There were no paper straws but it was a huge success regardless.

AND I only had to take one nap on Saturday to recover. It's the little things y'all.

Also, I would like to apologize in advance for not only the terrible quality of these pictures due to the iPhone they were taken on but also due to the time in the evening when they were taken. Whoops...

We were still a house divided thanks to baby bro.

The cutest.

Party animals.

Willow and Roxy's signature party pose.

And here I am at the bottom of this post and I'm debating even pressing publish because these pictures look so bad. Note to self - invest in a real, big girl camera, Marianna. You won't regret it. 

Bad camera quality or not...I am so proud of you Robbie and know that you will be an amazing teacher. I know from experience that teaching is one of the hardest things you'll ever do but it's a calling for sure. And you, my dear, have been called to do this. I know this wasn't the easiest choice, but it's definitely been the right choice. I can't wait to watch you love and forever change the lives of all those obnoxious teenagers, Mr. Dunn!


  1. yay Robbie (and go Pirates)!! Also, you should check out the "hip hop barbecue" station on Pandora it is amazing.

  2. Congrats Robbie!!! Crummy iphone photos are my fave because they're real. No fancy camera needed! So glad you had a ton of fun!!!