Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What up y'all?

Oh hello.
It's just me.
The lady who loves to dump a "Debbie Downer" post on ya one day and then not show up to play until five days later.
My bad.

Anywho....I'm back now and I'm in a much cheerier mood.
Weekends will do that to ya.
So will new dresses.
And baby birds hatching right outside your classroom window.

And listening to Lollipop (Remix) while you run with an eight pound doxie pulling you along.

#100happydays y'all.

Here's a few more life updates for ya, by the number.

3 // episodes of Parenthood I've watched since yesterday afternoon. I'm in love.

7 // times I hit the snooze button on Monday morning. #thestruggleisreal

239 // wedding pictures I've been sorting through to finally put together our wedding album. Better late than never has always been my motto.

12 // reading assessments I have left to do before next Friday.

22 // days left of school until summer vacation. Can I get an amen?

18 // Starburst jelly beans I just ate. My hips and I are ready for this Easter candy to be gone.

3.50 // the "credit" Verizon put back on our account. Because I was really worried about that three dollars and fifty cents.

5,672 // the number of leaves Robbie is outside burning right now. Seriously, where do they all come from?

9:30 // the time I plan to crawl in bed tonight. I woke up wanting a nap.

2 // days left till Friday. Almost there homies.


  1. I feel your Easter candy pain. I can tell you exactly where every single dang pastel colored M&M ended up on my thighs...

  2. yyyessss on the Lollipop Remix, you can never go wrong with Weezy. Also, I ate FOUR Reese's eggs the other night, no shame.

  3. Okay then in 22 days I demand we meet up, k? I'm thinking some kind of fruity cocktails and a body of water! <3