Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kind Of Wordless Wednesday

I promise I had a HUGE post planned for today.
One I've been working on for a longgggg time.
Today was the day for my big classroom reveal.

(I know, I know....this probably isn't as exciting to you as it is to me, but I was really looking forward to showing off the whole transformation process, especially the finished for now product. I even had two lovely blogs to link up to and join in all the fun.)

Alas, I realized in order to have a big classroom reveal, 
I actually needed to have pictures of my finished classroom. 
And of course, I do not.
Exhaustion strikes again.

So instead I'll leave you with some hump day pictures
to get you through the rest of the week.

Because even though Wednesdays are hard....

we are one day closer to the weekend.
And the start of college football!

Oh and don't you worry, my classroom will be revealed sooner rather than later. 


1 comment:

  1. Love that picture! So darn funny! Love to see the classroom. I am a former teacher turned stay at home mom. I loved getting my classroom ready.

    New follwer from GFC hop. Still going down that list looking for some great blogs. Love for you to stop by and return the follow.