Monday, August 20, 2012

Yep, It's Official

I have become that girl.
The person that waitresses talk about in the kitchen.
(I know, because I use to be a waitress and I use to talk about people like me.)

I am not a huge soda drinker. At all.
Even though last week's confessions says otherwise.

That's partly because I'm funny about the whole caffeine thing
and partly because I'm really picky about my sodas. 
Which is obnoxious, I'm aware.

{Sidenote: every time I say "soda" I think of all you northerners who call it "pop" and it makes me smile. Just saying.}

I don't like Dr. Pepper or Sprite or Mountain Dew 
(or any of their equivalent siblings, ie. Mellow Yellow, Sierra Mist, etc.)
I don't really like soda in a cup with ice. 
Or in a bottle for that matter.

My preference is Diet Coke in can (with a coozie, obviously.)

Even the Dominican was able to accommodate my needs. 

And that preference has almost turned into the only way I'll drink a soda.
Which brings me to my point.
I've become that girl.

That girl...that can tell the difference between a Diet Coke and a regular Coke.
(and no, I'm not going to drink the regular Coke. blegh.)

That girl...that can also tell the difference between a Diet Coke and a Diet Pepsi. 
(and yes, I almost turned down a Diet Pepsi at dinner the other night because it wasn't Coke.)

I know, I know. By now you're probably thinking:
"what's the big deal? did you really not have anything else to blog about?"
But it is a big deal.
Nothing is more annoying then when someone orders a Coke product, the waitress says "is a Pepsi product okay?", and the person says, "oh no, I'll just have water."

Especially when you live in New Bern,
the birthplace of Pepsi,

and you've found yourself obsessed with Diet Coke.

I've become that girl.

Teacher workdays start today
so I'll be spending my Monday wallowing
in my Diet Coke, of course.



  1. I love your posts!! I'm that girl too. Diet Coke all the way!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. I say pop, myself. :) And I'm not a fan of diet at all...I'm just pretty much convinced that real sugar is better than fake sugar as long as you're not diabetic. But I know so many people that only drink one, specific type of pop. Seriously, I could go through nearly everyone in my extended family and list the one and only pop they drink. But me? I'll drink anything, except diet. :P