Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Secret to a Successful Marriage

Yes, folks. 
In my one short year of marriage (one year and 16 days to be exact) I have figured it out.
Sure there are lots of important things needed for a successful marriage:
trust, romance, laughter, the list goes on and on.

But at the very top of that list is one simple thing:
a man cave

Yep, that's right, ladies. 
Nothing will make your man happier than his very own man cave. 
(Well some things might, but I'll let y'all figure that one out on your own.)

Robbie and I didn't live together until we got married 
but we dated long enough to know that we both had a lot of stuff. 
We didn't quite see eye to eye on what was useful stuff and what wasn't. 
(Of course, all of my stuff was useful and important. Duh.)

But, Robbie thought all his stuff was really useful and important too. 
And I guess in it's own special way it was. 
Kind of.

Obviously, everyone needs an ECU gnome, vintage Batman lunchbox, and limited edition glass Pepsi bottle.

I realized that instead of fighting over what I didn't think he should keep, we could find middle ground. 
Giving birth to Robbie's Man Cave. 

Our house has three bedrooms,
our master bedroom, the guest bedroom, and the man cave. 
And from the very beginning we set rules.

All of his junk stuff would go in the man cave.
All of my treasures stuff would go in the rest of the house.

Beer pitcher from a local baseball game. The team no longer exists so obviously this is a valuable possession. 

He had complete control of how the man cave was decorated.
I had complete control of how the rest of the house was decorated
(even though we still consulted each other a lot)

He was in charge of cleaning the man cave.
That way I couldn't complain about the clutter.

This only 1/8 of the hats he owns. Only the extra worthy ones get displayed, naturally.

Okay, these are completely his fault. We have a slight movie obsession. So what?

It's worked out really quite nicely. And curbed a lot of arguments.

And gave this sweet creature a cozy home.



  1. Lol, your post made me laugh. I was so happy when we bought our house and he had places to put his stuff that was not in the living room. Plus we have a garage where he can keep all of his boy toys in.

    PS-I love all of the ECU stuff! I am currently taking classes from ECU!

    Diving Into Learning

  2. I loved your post! So cute! My poor Hubs dosen't have a Man Cave. He thought he was going to get the basement and that was the plan but then 2 more kids came along and our oldest decided she wanted to live in the basement. So lost it. I guess he has the garage but it just holds all his lawn toys and stuff.

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    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. LOVE IT! My partner has a man cave in the shed hahaha it's full of half naked posters of girls from mags, a dart board, a beer fridge, a tv and couch!

    I definitely think it's a MUST have!

    hahaha gold!