Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I don't know if it's the Christmas spirit
or the fact that I can finally breathe through my nose,
but I have been loving a lot lately.

Number 1. I am loving that it is this sweet boy's birthday!

I am so thankful that God made you for me 24 years ago
and that we get to go out to dinner tonight! 
It's the little things I tell ya.

P.S. I chose this picture
not because of how unbelievably attractive we are
but because I feel like it backed up the statement:
God made you for me.

Number 2. I am loving that my sweet brother is home.
However, it is making me miss the joys of Christmas in college
Selling your books back for fast cash, mooching off your parents for the three months you're home, the three months you're home.
(okay, okay. slight exaggeration. it's not really three months.
but it's close.)

Number 3. I am looooooving my Christmas flowers.

And the painted wine bottles they're in.

I've never been one for fake flowers
but I saw painted wine bottle/flower vases on Pinterest (le duh)
and figured I'd give it a for every season.
So far, the Christmas ones are my favs.

Number 4. I am loving all the Christmas books that came in the mail yesterday for my kiddos.

If you're a teacher and don't use Scholastic 
I can't completely blame you, because it's very un-user friendly in my opinion.
But you should.
Because once you figure out how to navigate through the whole thing
you realize you can earn mad crazy points
which results in mad crazy FREE books.
And even if they're not completely free, they're way cheaper than a bookstore
and their new and shiny and all those other great things
that nerds like me love about books!

I may or may not spend all night reading
every last one of them before I wrap them up.


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  1. I totally agree about the Christmas home from college! I work with college students for my job and honestly I'm so envious that they are preparing for like a month off. It's unreal. I can't believe I didn't enjoy that more when I was a college student.