Sunday, December 2, 2012

Friday Night Lights

The best kind of lights in my opinion.
(Besides Christmas lights, of course.)

And I don't mean the TV show,
although I do love me some Tami Taylor,
and Matt Saracen and Tim Riggins and really everyone else on that show.
except for JD McCoy's dad. Blegh.
I digress...

I love high school football games.

Maybe it's because I was a cheerleader.

Maybe it's because my brother and husband played high school football.

Maybe it's because I live in that "stereo-typical" small town
that revolves around football.

We don't look so small in the stadium bleachers.

Maybe it's because I love the way a football game 
can bring our town together.

Maybe it's the because I love seeing my entire Facebook and Twitter newsfeed
filled with "Go Bears'" statuses after we win States.
(Which we did, last weekend, by the way.)

Maybe it's the way everyone says "we" when they talk about the football team.

Maybe it's because I know high school football is an important outlet for some boys.
Whether it be hope for higher education,
an excuse to hit people when you can,
a motivation to stay out of trouble off the field,
or a support system that they might not otherwise have.

Maybe it's because I love the sense of camaraderie and pride 
that comes with being a part of that football team
and part of the community that built that football team.

Once a bear, always a bear!


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