Thursday, December 6, 2012

wine a little, you'll feel better

Or you'll at least forget what was even wrong in the first place.

I figure since it's December
and life is fifty shades of crazy,
I'll just document all my crazy Christmas shenanigans
via pictures on this here blog.

Let's start with a little Wine and Design shall we?

If you refer back to this list,
you'll remember that attending Wine and Design was on my to-do list.
So the fact that this actually happened
makes me feel pretty accomplished.
Nevermind that I got this out of the deal.

Yep. I painted that.
All by myself.
Well, with the help of our teacher, Joe.
(I think that was his name?)
And several glasses of wine.

Cyber Monday sucked me in to this one.
Along with the alluring draw of wine and paint.
I enjoy painting.
Click here for Exhibit A.
And I like wine.
So it didn't take much convincing.

But when I saw that ad on Facebook for $5 off 
any session booked on Cyber Monday
I knew I had to jump on it right away.
(Reason number 324909823 why I hate Cyber Monday/Black Friday).

Anywho....I obviously didn't want to go alone
and knowing how much my sweet mama loves wine
and $5 off anything,
I called her up and booked us an appointment for Wednesday night.
Talk about a fun way to spend your hump day.

Love this woman.

Ain't she the cutest.

the whole group with our finished pieces.


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