Monday, February 25, 2013

Celebrate Good Times

Well folks,
apparently February is a big month for the blogging world.
Several of my fav bloggers 
celebrated their one year "blog-iversary" over the weekend.
And you all know how much I love a good celebration!
In fact, I drank wine all weekend long in honor of those fabulous ladies.

5ohWifey is celebrating a big blogging milestone too.
Her link up extravaganza "The Girl Behind the Blog" 
is turning one year old this week as well.

And to help her celebrate, I've create vlog #2. 
But before you watch, 
I need you to understand two things:

1. Vlogs are always super awkard and I hate the way I sound on video.

2. I'm nervously playing with Willow's ears the whole time,
so that's what you'll see happening in the lower right hand corner.


Also, please ignore the fact that I was still playing with my hair in the first few seconds. I thought I had edited that out. Whoops.



  1. Props to you. I hate vlogs I feel like I always look dumb! I hear you with the balance, I needed to find it like yesterday!

  2. I think vlogs are SO awkward as well haha. Who knew you sounded like a southerner?! I always get so surprised to hear how people sound haha

  3. Hello again girl! Vlogs are always awkward but i still always love watching everyone. woosh girl, balance is something i ALWAYS think about. Glad you linked up again :-)

  4. yup, i could totally use some of that balance in my life too. :) glad to have found you in the link-up. great vlog and not at all awkward.