Thursday, February 7, 2013

that time I took my dogs for a walk...

I love warm, sunshiny weather.
However, I do not love the outdoors.

I get all giddy inside when the temperature rises,
but you will never see me driving with the windows down
or opting to run outside instead of in.
(Actually, you'll rarely see me opting to run at all but that's neither here nor there.)
Unless I'm tanning or drinking,
I'm not a big fan of being outside.
No matter how nice the weather is.

And that's why what I'm about to tell you 
shocks even me.

Yesterday, the temperature spiked to a ripe 65 degrees,
which is really not that odd for Eastern North Carolina in February,
but something in the air made even me, yes me,
get the urge to go for a walk outside.

But wait, it gets even crazier.
I took the dogs - both of them.

I got home later than usual from work
because we had a staff meeting.
Robbie has class on Wednesdays 
so he wasn't going to be home until late.

So I slipped on my sweats 
(this time for real exercise, not just errand running)
harnessed up the dogs
after spending approximately 5 minutes trying to figure out Roxy's harness (that thing is a tricky bitch)

and set out on our way.

Some noteworthy moments:

Poor Willow didn't make it down the porch steps
before Roxy fell over and sat on top of her.
She was a little excited.

I had my arm nearly pulled out of its socket
at least 20 times.

Roxy pooped in someone's front yard
and being the totally awesome puppy mom that I am,
I left it there 
because I forgot to travel with poop bags.

Willow tried to attack an English bulldog, 
causing his owner (an elderly man, nonetheless)
to get tangled up in his leash and almost tumble to the ground.

We took a detour to avoid another attack 
which added what felt like at least 3 miles to our trek.

I dropped my iPhone once,
but don't survived.

Once we made it to our final destination (my mom's house)
Willow and Roxy terrorized our sweet, elderly dog, Ginger,
ate her food and drank her water.

We then finally convinced mom it was too dark to walk back
and got a ride home.

It was actually pretty fun.
I can't wait until we do it again in another six months.


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  1. Haha this sounds exactly like me! I am not made for being outside.. Sadly my tiny pup doesn't even want to walk down the stairs alone. I can't imagine trying to take him on a walk haha