Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Robbie Take Over (Part 2)

Remember this post.
Well, apparently my darling little husband
wanted to play too.

As to be expected, his is much more brief than mine was.
Shocker, I know.


Hey! I'm Robbie. Thanks for letting me take over for the day. Marianna seemed to have so much fun doing this I wanted to do it to. She's the blogger, not me, so bear with me. But here's five random things about me. I had to change it just a little, because I don't have a bag. Even though after seeing Alan's satchel I debated it.

5 Things You'll Find in My Truck:

1. Loose change.
2. Dirty work shirts (long-sleeve to be exact). 
3. A hat....or 5. 
4. Burt's Bees.
5. A coozie....or 3.

5 Things You'll Find in My Bedroom:

1. TV
2. A bed that sometimes gets made.
3. Alarm clock - that I hate.
4. Dog beds (that never get used).
5. A hat....or 5.

5 Things I've Always Wanted To Do:

1. Get field passes to an ECU football game.
(Hint hint, anyone with connections.)
2. Go to a Charlotte Hornets basketball game.
3. Go to the Super Bowl.
4. Go to New York on New Year's Eve.
5. See the pyramids.

5 Things I'm Currently Loving:

1. God.
2. My dogs.
3. ECU.
4. Hats....or 5. 
5. Jesus Freak by Newsboys and KJ-52.

5 Random Quirks I Have:
I don't have any. But if I have to pick something...

1. I trade in cars way too much.
2. I'm 24 and I like the History Channel...a lot.
3. I'm 24 and I still watch professional wrestling.
4. I'm really picky about clothes, food, everything really.
5. I can't go to Greenville, NC without stopping at the ECU student bookstore.

Thanks again for stopping by! 


Love that man!



  1. haha I love that hats came up in almost all of them. Andrew still watches WWE. He says its good to remember his inner child.

  2. Men always have the strangest quirks! I love some of the things that they come up with when they stop in and blog! I love that his truck is his personal satchel.

  3. Love the hats thing, my husband is the same way with beanies. And GO PIRATES!! Nice to see another big ECU fan.