Friday, February 22, 2013

What I'm Loving Right Now

Considering it's Friday...

But really,

I'm loving that...all of my plans for next week are done.
And have been since Thursday afternoon.
When I say done, I mean all my copies have been made,
all my centers are set up and ready to go,
my Academy plans for me and my assistant are done,
Guided Reading books are prepped and ready to go,
even my newsletter (which doesn't go home until Tuesday) is fresh off the press.
I love productive weeks.

(While I'm talking about school) 
I'm loving week is Read Across America Week.
This is always one of my favorite weeks of school
and this year our school is going all out.
We're having book competitions and special guest readers

(Although no one can beat my guest reader from last year.
None other than ECU's own wide receiver, Justin Hardy.
Except maybe my dad. He always comes to.)

On Friday we get cake at lunch for Dr. Seuss's birthday
and teachers can dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character.
I'll let you take a few guesses as to who I plan to dress up as.
Ahh the joys of an elementary school teacher. 

I'm loving that...I won Brianna's giveaway (!!!)
and now have some yummy Sin<less Cocktails on the way. 

I'm loving that....I have an amazing step sister 
who sends gluten-free Trader Joe's care packages my way "just because".

Seriously, she's the best.
Almost as sweet as those snickerdoodles. 

I'm loving that...Roxy stole Robbie's favorite seat in the living room from him.
And then Willow stole it from Roxy.

I'm loving that....all of you sweet readers are so fantabulous, of course!

Happy Friday!


P.S. If you could throw some extra prayers up for my Mema, that'd be great! 


  1. Woohoo. The Sin<less Cocktails are great! Can't wait for you to try them!
    I went to trader joes yesterday and stocked up on all my gluten free goodies. Andrew and I are hitting the gluten free train full out to help with some health issues. We should swap recipies!

  2. OMG can't believe Justin Hardy read in your class! That is so awesome and sending prayers up for your Mema!

  3. cute post!! and super productive! Love it!! I'm hoping the next 8 weeks of my life are productive and I don't slack!!

  4. Umm please say Cindy Loo Who! Please say it.