Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bunco, Horses, and Margaritas! Oh my!

Well hello, there blog world.
Long time no see type.
Last week just got the best of me
and by Thursday I was done.
I know, I know - and this is different from every other week, how?
But I'm back (a day late)
and ready to recap all the exciting adventures I've been up to lately.
And by adventures, I obviously mean mediocre happenings, but hey
it is what it is.

As usual - I kind of sucked big time at documenting above said adventures
but I was able to capture a few things.

one. I had a training on Friday so my weekend kind of sort of started on Thursday with a charity fashion show and quick appearance at mom's substitute Bunco group. Obviously the only thing I deemed worth documenting was the food - those Bunco ladies don't mess around.
two. My honey and I at Delanie's dance recital Friday night.
three and four. Robbie and me with the star of the show.

five. I channeled my inner Pink Lou Lou (with a little help from Pinterest).
six. My step-mom hosted a Derby Party at her house on Saturday - betting, big hats, mint juleps and all.

{Sidenote: I had nooooo idea what a mint julep even was until this party. It has bourbon in it - who knew?!? And while I wasn't a big fan of them, I do tend to enjoy some "gasoline" (bourbon) every once in a while. Southern Belles take shots, right?) 

seven. Bets for Win, Place, and Show. I put all my money on Frac Daddy, because hello, his name was Frac Daddy. Unfortunately, the cool name was all he had going for him. 
seven. The Derby After Party proved to be a fun time for all.


Sunday was obviously Cinco de Mayo. 
So, naturally, Robbie and I had pizza. 
I don't care what holiday it is, you can never go wrong with a slice of New York-style pizza.
There of course were a few margaritas to go around 
and I also may or may not have single handily finished an entire bag of chips and salsa. 
It was  great weekend for the gluten-free diet, clearly.

And now, here we are. Another week.
But the good thing about recapping your weekend on a Tuesday is
it's already Tuesday. 

Oh and also, I'm getting my haircut this afternoon.
Go ahead and place your bets.
The plan is to go shorter 
but chances are I'll leave looking exactly the same as I did when I got there.
Hair cuts aren't my most favoritest things. 


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  1. jealous that you got to attend a derby party!! I wanted to don a big hat and drink mojitos (because I am not about the bourbon either) too.