Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My weekend was bomb.com

Oh hay Tuesday.
You got here quick.
(Praise the Lord.)

I'm here with you again today to bring you yet another "I have no idea what to blog about" post.
So I'm gonna do what I do best.
Overload ya with a whole bunch of low-quality iPhone pics to show you what I've been up to lately.

Oh and I was supposed to be getting a new phone this past week but that didn't quite happen.
So here I am still rockin and loving my two and half year old iPhone 4 (Siri? What's that?) And you know what I don't even hate it...most days.

If you follow me on Insta you may have already picked up on the fact that Friday was Wacky Tacky Day.
Y'all...I love teaching for so many reasons. But the days where I get to dress up as something crazy definitely tops the list.
Right behind summers off.
Oh, and making a difference in the lives of cutie patootie childrens.

Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like us.

Moving on.

Friday afternoon the sun finally decided to make an appearance and it was 77 degrees so I took the worm (Willow if you're new here) for a run around the neighborhood.
I'm not sure what's gotten into me lately but I love running.
Well I like running.
Okay no really I just tolerate running.
But it's been my exercise of choice lately.
Which is weird because usually you couldn't pay me to run a lap around the block.
I think it's because winter was so cold and hard and gray this year.
Any excuse to get out in the sun and I take it.
Plus also, my doxie girl loves to run and seeing her pint-sized legs double time makes it all worthwhile.

Oh and the fact that I have a 5k coming up this weekend could have something to do with it too.
Don't worry, it's a fun 5k and I don't have to run the whole thing.
And there's free beer at the finish line.
Hells yea.

Friday night the girls I work with (who are also running next weekend) came over for margs, snacks, and to make our team shirts.
Because obviously a 5k calls for matching T-shirts.

#teamkickinasphalt #comingatya

Did I mention it's a Glow Run. At night? And we're wearing neon tutus. It's gonna be great.
If I don't die.

Even though Willow is my number one running mate, she doesn't get to race with me on Saturday which is a bummer.
But she doesn't handle big crowds very well at all.
Plus she didn't really seem to like her tutu.

I had to go back to school for a workday on Saturday.
Yep, you read that right.
Saturday School.
The worst.
But it was just a workday which means I got to wear yoga pants and get a shit ton of work done in my room.
Or you know, socialize with all my frands.
I also got to stop at Starbucks for a grande white chocolate mocha and I got to use my brand new lunchbox. Winning.

Saturday School was over at 1:00 and the temperature was a toasty 75 degrees so obviously I dusted off the cobwebs on my bikini and sat my (still a little fluffy from winter) hiney out on the back porch desperately soaking up as much Vitamin D as I could.

I think the rest of the day involved Dexter marathons on the couch which are my most favorite things ever, or at least this month.

Sunday involved church, lunch with my man, and a first birthday party for a baby who I swear was just born yesterday.

Monday came way too soon as it always does.
But just like that it's gone again.
Ah, the beauty of recapping a weekend on a Tuesday.

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  1. Can I come hang out with you? Also, I'm totes jealous of your glowing 5k. I mean, what? Tutus AND puffy paint? My favorites! Your little worm is the cutest ever. I actually got sunburned (ha, who am I kidding? This little indian girl got red for half a second before it turned golden ;)) while watching the husband's scrimmage on saturday! It was bliss!!!