Thursday, March 20, 2014

'Ello There Mate

If that title didn't make you automatically think about how to spell Phoebe's name then we quite possibly can't be friends anymore. 

To say I've been MIA from this little bloggy-blog is quite possibly the biggest understatement of the year. Sorry 'bout it. I have so much to tell you and yet nothing to write about all at the same time. Don't ya hate when that happens?

Anyway, I'm finally in the mood to blog despite having no real focus or purpose for this post. So I'm gonna leave you with a random list of happenings. And you're gonna love it, ya hear?

- I'm obsessed with Dexter. Yet another vast understatement. It's our latest Netflix addiction and Robbie and I can. not. get. enough. Why I wasn't interested in this show when it was actually on TV is beyond me? But I sure am glad I get to watch it on demand, commercial free, whenever I want now. 

- I went to lunch with Lauren this weekend and like the good little blogger she is, she actually blogged about it in a timely manner. And by timely manner, I mean yesterday. Reason number 209854987 I love that girl.

- My mom "hired" me to strip the wallpaper in her guest bathroom, because apparently I'm a pro and all.  Remodel one teensy little home and suddenly you're a DIY pro. I was quickly reminded how much I hate stripping wallpaper. Not to mention that it was impossible to get down. Even with my fabric softener miracle worker and the steamer my step dad rented. It finally came down. But there's still a lot of work to be done. Not by me though, thank sweet 6 oz. baby Jesus.

Selfie break with Willow - obvs.

- I could pluck my eyebrows everyday. Not because I enjoy it but because seriously, they grow like eff-ing weeds. Something else that's started growing - gray hairssssss. Hairs plural. It's serious y'all. Like I'm going to have to start coloring my hair to cover up my grays serious. 

- Blogging isn't the only think I haven't kept up with lately. Whoops. 

- I lost a contact last weekend and had to wear my glasses for a week. And just in case you're wondering, I am not one of those cute-in-glasses kind of girl. I'm more one of those Steve-Urkal-has-to-push-them-up-her-nose-every-five-seconds kind of girl. Fun fact: I've worn glasses since I was four. Contacts since Fifth Grade. I'm blind as a bat forreals.

- Back porch margarita sippin happened Saturday. And every second of it was glorious. It was sunny and 75 and positively perfect in every way. Never mind the fact that it's been rainy and 35 since Monday. Spring is coming, I just know it is!

- I started a 7-Day Beach Body Challenge on Monday with Heather. It's actually been pretty fun. Even though I've sucked a big one at the whole gluten-free thing lately, I'm still trying to be really conscious of the food that goes into my body. I loved getting 7 days worth of new healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas. Plus, the grocery list was already made. Holler. 

- Speaking of healthy choices, I know all y'all health nuts have been screaming Greek yogurt's praises from the rooftops for forever, but it's always just weirded me out. I don't know if it's because the first and really only experience I've had with it was when I use to feed it to the little girl I nannied in college but watching a 15 month old gum something for a while takes away some all of the appeal. BUT I made this "clean" chicken salad earlier this week using Greek yogurt and it's been creeping it's way into my dreams at night. Yum to the tum.

- March Madness is upon us and I might possibly be the only one on the face of the Earth who doesn't care. I've watched a combined total of 45 mins of a basketball game this whole season. With that being said, I'm currently in three bracket challenges and I plan to win them all. Cutest mascot/coolest name/"hey, I know someone who likes this team" for the win. Oh yea, and Go Pack! 


  1. Okay. You were right yesterday when you said we might be soul sisters. I get the excitement over march madness--but I personally don't really care. It's enough to drag a "care" out of me for football season--and I'm married to that bitch. My eyebrows? Yeah. I cut bangs in SPECIFICALLY because of my ever over grown eyebrows. Take that, suckers! Our laundry is out of control and half my daily title is "housewife." It's pathetic, really. I've wanted to get into Dexter--I think I'd enjoy it, but I'm home alone SO FREAKING MUCH that I worry I'll get scared. Do you think I'll get scared?

  2. Oh. And not to comment twice. But I think I love you. The FIRST thing I thought when I saw your title was Phoebe. Clearly...we are meant to be.

  3. Those margs look awesome!! I wish the weather would cooperate so I could get some porch time too. Ditto on the NCAA brackets. The husband and I are having a braggin rights bracket at home, there's mexican and laundry duties on the line! I must win!

  4. haha, I did indeed have to wait until Wednesday to blog about a wknd "blunch" haha, such a slacker. Your little face-mask selfie with Willow is precious, I'd be a hot mess if i was attempting to strip wall paper!

  5. #yep to every.single.thing. minus the DIY wallpaper (my mom re-wallpapered our entire house when I was younger, and I blame that for my serious affinity for PAINT ONLY on walls!) The gray hairS thing is driving me crazy...I've never colored my hair, but at this rate, I'll be gray before I'm 30 and I'm not so into that =( and margs. i'm with ya on that one! they're perfect no.matter.what. sunshine = margs because im happy. rain = margs because it's gloomy and they cheer me up. snow = margs to make me think of summer. and my only sliver of excitement for the tournament is hoping State defies all odds and comes up with an upset. #crossyafingers! #gopack