Monday, March 10, 2014

The Evolution of le Blog

I was reading some old posts the other night
(please tell me I'm not the only one that enjoys reading their own blog?
Does that make me vain? Wait. Don't answer that.)
And I realized that in the short almost year that I've had this blog
it's evolved quite a bit.

Which is to be expected of course.
As life changes and evolves, so do we.
Reading other blogs changes us to.
We find inspiration from others and little pieces of that
show up on our own blogs. 

When I first started blogging
most of the blogs I read were teaching blogs
and those were some of the first blogging relationships I made.

Most of my posts were somehow school related too.
Oddly enough, ever since school actually started
I haven't blogged much about it. 
Which is even odder only because
this school year is going so much better than last year.

Hence the evolution of le blog.

Don't get me wrong, 
going back and reading my old posts
definitely makes me a teeny bit nostalgic
(again, does this make me strange, or can you relate? Anyone?)
and there are lots of fun things going on at school
that could definitely be considered "blog worthy".

But as my blog has grown,
I've created other relationships with non-teacher bloggers.
And let's be real - if you're not a teacher
you're not going to be interested in reading about the graphing activity 
we did in math. 
(Even though it involved m&m's and sorting and was yummy and thought provoking.)
And honestly, even if you are a teacher
you're probably not going to be interested in reading about
the graphing activity we did in math. 

I've started reading lots of different types of blogs,
in addition to my fav teaching blogs,
and I've started writing about other aspects of my life
besides just my job.

Long story short - I think it's neat to see how you've changed over time, 
particularly when the changes seem so unnoticeable in the moment.

Also, I would like to start sharing more school happenings,
just because there is a lot fun stuff happening in Mrs. Dunn's 1st Grade Class
and what better way to remember it all than to document it.
Isn't that why we blog anyway? To document our lives?

Don't worry - I promise to bombard you guys with teaching strategies
and school happenings.
Part of being a teacher (or any professional) is finding the balance 
between your career and your personal life. 
Unlike last year, 
I've enjoyed having more of a personal life to blog about.
One step closer to finding that balance.

Also, through the evolution of my blog
I've learned that I enjoy the fact that it's about everything and nothing all at the same time.
I've mentioned before how I really wanted a certain "theme" for my blog
but I couldn't come up with just one thing to focus on.
And I'm so glad I didn't. 

I like the fact that my blog is just a space 
for me and my brain to unload.
If it happens to unload teaching stuff one day,
gluten-free stuff the other,
or sweet puppy pictures the next
that's okay.
And I like that.

I also like that you guys are so willing to stick around
and read the random ramblings of my brain.

Here's to blogging and growing
and everything in between.

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