Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's Like I'm Workout Barbie, or Something?

I swear I am not going to go all fitness queen on y'all, despite this being the second "fitness" post this week. I'm just impressed that it's Thursday and I've blogged pretty consistently this week. Snaps for Marianna.

Anyway....on Monday I blogged about Erin's 1800 Minutes Challenge and how I'm taking an active role in being more aware of my physical activity (chasing First Graders and all). It just so happens that another one of my fav bloggers is starting another fitness challenge this month. Nothing like a looming bikini season to kick everyone into high gear. 

I'll obviously keep tracking my active minutes for the 1800 Minutes Challenge.

This month I also want to...
  • Get back on track with my Gluten-free diet. 
I saw this thing on Pinterest about different body types and how you carry your weight and I totally have a "wheat belly". No matter how much I run or crunch or do anything, I get a food baby like no other - when I eat wheat and other "not good for me" foods. Changing my diet has been the easiest way for me to see the most drastic changes and actually notice the results of all that physical activity.
  • Increase my running intervals (I think that's what they're called.)
The biggest "fad" going around right now seems to be half-marathons. And not two months ago I was scoffing at the idea of one. I still kind of am. Spending multiple hours of my life running seems laughable to me. And totally something I want to maybe one day do. The only problem is, I've gotten to a pretty comfortable pace and can pretty easily bang out 3 or 4 miles without feeling like complete death. But thats about it. In May, I want to push myself to increase that distance. 13.1 miles still seems like a ridiculous amount but every little step counts, right?
  • Join a gym.
Robbie, this one is for you *hint hint*. Taylor blogged about all the reasons she does not want to join a gym and I agreed with every single one of them. Except our gym has a really nice pool. And it's getting warmer and I would love love love to be able to use said really nice pool. I promise to even lift a few weights while I'm at it. You know, to get the most bang for my buck and all.

Happy May y'all!


  1. You can do it friend!! I'm also happy to see you blogging more frequently :-D So :snaps: from me!

  2. YAY! These are awesome goals! You can do it!!! :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. I've been slowly changing my diet over the course of probably 6-8 months and it's tough, but I can tell how it's changed my body, too! I ran my first ever half-marathon yesterday and it's definitely the most psychotic thing I've ever done ha!