Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Remember weekend recaps? Yea, those were fun. Remember when waiting until Wednesday to post your weekend recap was the cool thing to do? Oh, wait. That was just me? Whatevs. I'm bringing the weekend recap (three days late) back.

Ah, Memorial Day weekend. The official start of summer...well kind of. The day when you can officially wear white again...if anyone besides my grandma even still follows that rule. The day where we all stop and enjoy the freedom to lay out by the pool and eat hot dogs on the grill thanks to the selfless sacrifices of our armed forces and their families.

Robbie is doing so good after his surgery. He's up and moving...just slowly. He can't drive yet and he has a fancy pants brace that he has to wear, which he hates. But overall, we're doing really well! This weekend was a little tough, considering boating/beaching/water activities are out of the question for Rob. But he was sweet enough to let me slip away for a little fun in the sun.

Friday was crazy hair day at school. Pictures will be posted soon I'm sure. Very rarely are there bad Fridays at school. But when it's crazy hair day and the start of a three day weekend and the third to last Friday of the school year, it's an extra good day.

Saturday we lounged around for most of the day. Guilty pleasure alert: we started One Tree Hill on Netflix and I am looooooving relieving all the Raven drama from the beginning. I snuck up to the pool with mom for a little while but missed Robbie and didn't stay gone long. #whipped

Sunday I went to church, spilled a Cookout milkshake on my front porch (whomp whomp), and went to the pool with some girls from school. Our school psychologist, who moved away last year, came back for the weekend and it was so so good to hang out with her again. I had lots of life savers my first year of teaching and she, without a doubt, was a big one!

That night we went over to dad's for hot dogs on the grill. All my cousins were over there and it was nice to get Robbie out of the house and see everyone! It was also my not so baby cousin's 21st birthday so I may or may not have poured a few drinks down her throat! The best part of Sunday night by far was being able to go to bed without setting an alarm. Ah, three day weekends.

Monday I went for a run (I've still been doing quite a bit of that, even though I'm way far away from reaching 1800 minutes) and then hung out on the boat with my mom and stepdad. Oh and my stepsister brought home her friend boy. I'm not exactly sure what they're official status is, or if they even have one. But I like him a lot. And he looks like a Ken doll.

Tuesday was back to school. But only for a few more days. And then it's puppy snuggles, Netflix marathons, and boat rides all day err'day.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I'm kind of sucking at this whole blogging thing lately. I know...thanks for hanging in there!


  1. No white before Memorial Day? I've been doing it wrong all these years... I thought it was Easter. Oh well, not changing now!

  2. Oh I love that you got to get out of the house some this weekend! I'm also really glad that Robbie is doing better. I know recovery is a pain in the butt--but just be patient and he'll be good as new in no time! I'm so looking forward to days of puppy snuggles and netflix all day err' day. If only i could get these revisions out of the way!!!! We're down to one car (womp womp) but that WILL NOT stop me from making a meet up with you happen!