Friday, August 24, 2012


I confess...

that I am exhausted.

Five-day work weeks are just way too long.

I have no idea how I'm going to survive next week when I have to get up even earlier and there are actually kids in my room!

I confess...

that I'm really very super sad that my days of pretending to be a stay at home puppy mom/full-time blogger are over. 

Willow misses it too. She told me. 

But I'm really very super excited that I now have 101 followers. 
(I know, I know. I follow blogs that have way more than 100 followers and I'm sure you do to, but I just feel like 101 is such a big number! And I promise, I love you all....just like the 101 Dalmatians.) 

I confess...

that I'm currently waiting eagerly by my phone, hoping my mom takes me up on my offer to treat me to dinner. That's offer for her to treat me. I've confessed before I'm a moocher. No shame.

I confess...

that even though I haven't finished my lesson plans for next week, I have picked out my first day of school outfit. 

And even though I'm a lot more nervous about the first day of school this year than I was last year (I have no idea why) I am also A LOT more excited (I have lots of ideas why). 

I confess...

that after meeting my sweet first grade babies at Open House last night, I'm convinced I have the best and cutest first grade class around. Don't even try to change my mind. It just won't work. 

Link up and get your confessions off your chest 
and then go have a great weekend! :)

I'll see ya in 180 days!
(Not really, but kind of.) 


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  1. I am not looking forward to this next week. Our first full week of school!