Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Always Love Thursdays!

It's Thursday again. 
And I had so much fun doing this link up last week
(and reading everyone else's)
I just had to do it again!


On my first week back at school:

I always stress out about the littlest things.
I sometimes try to just "go with the flow".
It never really works as well as I would like.

On the errands I've been putting off all week long:

I always hate going to Wal Mart
and even though sometimes I do enjoy watching the mass of crazies,
I'll never get excited about going.

On the start of college football this weekend:

ECU tailgates always prove to be a good time.
Sometimes they prove to be too good of a time. 
If my husband has anything to do with it....we'll never miss one. 

On sleep:

If I could, I would sleep in always.
Once school starts I sometimes actually get to.
But it's never as often as I wish

On Labor Day:

I always have a mix of emotions about Labor Day. 
It's the official end of summer which sometimes makes me sad
because even though I enjoy fall, I'll never be a fan of winter. Brrr.

I know it's only Thursday, but clearly I've got the 3-day weekend already on my brain. 
(Let's be real....I've been counting down to it since Monday.)

I've also been trying to figure out how to speed-deliver this to my house in time for the game Saturday.
I mean, seriously?! Why am I just now figuring this out.

Make sure you go link up! 



  1. That dog beer holder is the greatest invention I've ever seen. Seriously your dig comes to you no matter what. Genius!