Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympian Thoughts

I was trying really hard to stay away from the topic.
Not because I don't L.O.V.E the Olympics (I do)
but because I feel like it's allll anyone's been talking about for the past week and I really wanted to try to be original. 
Clearly, I lost that fight.

Hence a post about my Olympian thoughts
and things I am loving about the Summer Olympics right now. 

Robbie thinks I'm a totally loony-tune because of the things I think about, pretty much on a daily basis.

But I'm convinced that Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps are really just counting down the days until their races are over and they can play hard in Olympic Park.

I love the Fab Five and kind of want to be their best friend.

I mean, for real, how cute are they?!?

And Gabby Douglas is the

But really, so is Aly Raisman and I really wanted her to be up on the podium with sweet Gabby.

Which is another thing that makes me a bit of a loony-tune...
I get really sad for the losers. 
I feel so bad when their event comes and they just do a terrible not so good job. 

Except for this chic - 

Viktoria Komova did awesome on the floor, and had me sweating in my seat for Gabby. 
Fortunately for us, she didn't quite make it to gold but got a solid score and a silver medal!
She bawled about this for a good ten minutes. 
I bet Aly Raisman would have gladly taken that silver without any of those unnecessary tears. 

I also love Allison Schmitt, Missy Franklin, and Rebecca Soni. 

Not only do they kick serious butt, but they are so cute and give the sweetest interviews. They seem like real, down-to-earth girls. 
I'll add them to my list of future best friends as well.

I also love the "under-appreciated" Olympic events. 
Everyone goes nuts for gymnastics and swimming
and I guess basketball's usually a big deal too.

Way to score the most points ever fellas.

But I love when I catch the random events that don't get nearly enough coverage.

Exhibit A: Synchronized Diving

I don't even know who any of those people are, but I could watch it for days.

Exhibit B: Water Polo

Did you know, they're treading water the whole time?!?

Exhibit C: Speed Walking

Oh wait, that wasn't real. Just some Today Show antics! 
Another thing I'm loving about the Olympics.

And of course, the Olympics in London would not be complete without a little Will and Kate watching! 
Too precious.

Here's to another week of Olympic fun.
Go America! :)



  1. Oh gosh I feel so bad too when the athletes mess up! The worst was the mens gymnastics team finals when they all messed up in a row. I just wanted to hug John Orozco! haha

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I am totally with you on the Russian gymnast....who cries about a medal at the Olympics?! And Will and Kate....they are so precious! XOXO