Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Show Some Love

If you refer back to this particular post
you'll remember this particular picture

and our particular fascination obsession with movies. 

Yea, it's pretty bad.

There's not much to do in little ole New Bern
but we do have a somewhat nice movie theater.

(Okay, actually it's not really nice at all. It's actually quite disgusting. But it plays movies, sells Twizzlers, and has AC so it's good enough for me.)

In high school, going to the movies was our typical date night.
Now, we spend many a Saturday night watching Encore or RedBox movies. 
It's one of our favorite things.

And when I say "our", I really just mean Robbie.
Don't get me wrong, I love movies. 
But Robbie's pretty hardcore. 
He's seen all the classics, owns all the trilogies, reads all the reviews. 
It's pretty legit. 

So legit, that he's started a blog.
I guess he figured there might be people out in Blogland that were much more interested in his movie ramblings than I was and he was probably right. 
(Except really, I love everything that comes out of that sweet man's mouth.)

Blogging for me started out as an outlet. 
Somewhere to put all my crazy thoughts. 

Apparently, the hubs thought he needed an outlet too: a movie outlet. 

I for one am pretty darn impressed.
And I'm pretty sure you would be too.

It's definitely a different blog than any of the other blogs I follow.
For one thing, it's written by a man 
and based on my own observations, the blogging world tends to be typically female. 
You're not going to find any fashion advice, teaching tales, or yummy recipes over there.

But you will find some pretty truthful movie reviews. 
He's watching them. And he's willing to share what they're all about.
(Well not what they're all about. He doesn't give away any juicy details. That would just be silly.)

I highly recommend you check it out.
And show the man some love.
(But not too much love. He's a married man, afterall.)



P.S. When I logged on to Blogger this afternoon I noticed that I am ONE follower away from being in the triple digits. That's right folks....99 followers!

All sorts of fun things pop in my head when I think about it:
"I got 99 followers, are you one?"
"99 followers on my blog wall, 99 blog followers, take one down, pass it around..."

But really don't take one down! I love you all!
And I feel like once you've reached 100 followers, you're a pretty legit blogger! :)
So...which one of you lovelies are going to get me to my legit blogger status?
If I hit my lucky number, I might try to do a fancy giveaway
(that's what real time bloggers do after all, right?)



  1. Ohhhh!! Guess what, I am your number 100!! Woo!!!

  2. ....and I make 101!! Found your blog through your post on Kirsty's blog :) I think mu husband would enjoy your husband's blog- he loves movies. Perhaps males are going to start blogging now, but they'll write about movies and man things rather than pinterest and girly things? :P ha ha

  3. 1. I thought I followed your blog...
    2. I feel like our husbands would be great friends. I let andrew write a post on our anniversary and now he begs everyday if he can randomly post so he can educate my readers about his top 10 movies.(hes a huge movie buff) I have to politely tell him that my female readers don't care about his action packed movies