Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Throw Up Your "A"

When I first met my college roommate...

Remember her?

she told me she thrived on awkward moments.
I had no idea what this meant, but after living with the chick for 4 years I began to figure it out.

It's not that she's awkward
(I mean, she's dressed up as a present...I don't think awkward people do that, or do they?)
but she just finds awkward moments hilarious.
And let's be honest, we all find ourselves in awkward situations from time to time.
Sometimes, you just have no choice but throw up your "A" and laugh it off. 

Like when the cable guy comes over to install all your new gadgets.
Do you hang out in the living room with him, chatting it up?
Or do you stay out of his way, silent so he can concentrate on what he's doing?
All the while keeping an eye on grandma's antique, one of a kind, crystal vase.

I usually just throw up my "A" and find an appropriately awkward balance between the two.

Or when you go to the doctor and they try to have everyday conversations with you. 
Like how's your mom, school, etc.
This is especially awkward at the gyno.
And the dentist.
I can't possibly even think about a response to small talk when there's gauze in my mouth or duck clamps in my...well you get the idea.

Throw up your "A" and pray it's a quick exam.

Ugh and the worse is when you're babysitting (if any of you lovely blog readers still babysit - best money I ever made btw) and the parents are still at home.
I had several babysitting jobs where the parents would still be at home for at least part of the time just having "grown-up time".
(not that kind of "grown-up time", you sicko....I don't think).
I always felt like I had to be SuperNanny at times like this,
you know, extra engaged and excited and up for anything the kids wanted to do, keeping them well-behaved without disciplining them, and being careful about when/how I said no.
It was stressful.
And awkward.

Another appropriate time to throw up your "A".

While I have learned to appreciate the humor related to these awkward situations,
I still find them uncomfortable
and well, awkward.

Hope you're all have a not-so-awkward week! :)



  1. Hehe, love it.


  2. I think that is so true! I have had a million awkward roommates. I would love for you to share this on my link-up today! :)
    Wanderlust Wednesdays