Thursday, November 15, 2012

I love ketchup, but I hate tomatoes.

I was folding laundry the other night,
something that I love-hate,

love - when it's still warm from the dryer,
hate - folding it, especially after it's sat in the basket for a while

When I got to thinking,
how many other things do I love-hate?

For example,

love - ketchup. Seriously, sometimes my meals are based around this one condiment.
hate - tomatoes. Can not stand them. On a sandwich, in a salad, blegh.

And maybe I'm just an odd-bird,
because I realized there are a lot of things I love-hate.
But what better place than my sweet little bloggy-blog
to proudly claim all my odd-bird tendencies.

So here goes,

love - hand washing dishes with hot, soapy water
hate - touching left over food residue on said dishes
also hate - sponges used to wash said dishes

love - the smell of a clean house
hate - cleaning the house
(this one probably isn't really that odd)

love - traveling new places
hate - driving in the car for more than thirty minutes. 

love - wearing gym clothes
hate - going to the gym

love - Christmas (obviously, I am not a Scrooge) and secretly pray for a white one every year.
hate - cold weather.

love - breakfast food.
hate - waking up early enough to go out to breakfast. 
Restaurants that serve breakfast all day are seriously the best places on Earth.

love - E! News
hate - that all they've been talking about for the past 39098324 days is Twilight. 
No body cares.
(Okay, really everybody cares. But I for one, just don't get it.)

love - high school football games
hate - high school kids at high school football games

love - the feeling of being ahead of the game.
hate - actually doing my work early enough to be ahead of the game.

love - that today is Thursday.
hate - that today is not Friday.



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