Friday, November 2, 2012

The Day After..

I had every intention of writing this post yesterday after school.
It was even planned out in my head and everything.

Then my computer died.
And I realized I had 100 million other things to get done.
So I took it as a sign that this post would just have to wait until today.

The day after Halloween in my First Grade classroom
was pretty tame considering the inevitable sugar high my kids were coming down from.

Here are some quick statistics of how our day went.

~ 3 students were tardy
~ 1 student was absent
~2 students fell asleep
~ 1 student tried to eat just her Halloween candy for lunch 
~ 21 students shared trick-or-treating stories
~ 4 students had no homework because they were "busy trick-or-treating"

Overall, it was slightly better than excepted. 
And the teacher you ask?
Well considering I had an officially "old" person Halloween,
spent passing out candy to the 5 trick-or-treaters we had at our house,
I was fine.

In fact, I was rather productive with my day 
(especially once I realized my computer was dead.)

Some quick statistics of how my day went.

~ I finished plans for next week.
~ I made pigs in a blanket for the Beginning Teacher social (which I completely forgot about)
~ I swept my floors
~ I got 8 report cards done
~ I voted

Oh, and I taught 22 sleepy, sugar-filled children all day.
No biggie.

Hope you all had a fabulous day after Halloween!

Happy Friday! 


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