Monday, November 26, 2012

Eatin', Shootin', Craftin'

Isn't that the way everyone's Thanksgiving goes?

I know everyone is beyond bored with the Thanksgiving recaps.
So I promise mine will be short
and probably just like the other ten million posts you've already read.

It's okay.
You need a break from Cyber Monday anyway.

We started our morning off right... jumping into a big pile of leaves.

Literally, we rolled out of bed (pajamas and all)
and then jumped/threw the puppies in before Robbie burned them all away.

And then,
if leaf-jumping wasn't quite redneck enough....

....we went to a big empty field
behind Robbie's Nana's house and shot guns.
After stuffing our faces, obviously.

Friday night, we ventured out to do a little people watching...

....for Black Friday Thursday (since everywhere was opened on Thursday night anyway.)

{Sidenote: This is the second year we've gone Black Friday "shopping"
(really we just go to watch all the crazies)
and I still just don't get it.
I mean, sure the deals are GREAT. 
But really all those deals just make me want to buy MORE.
I guess maybe that's the point. 
All weekend, I've felt like I'm missing out on something,
because I'm not buying everything in sight.
But just because sends me 3 emails every hour 
telling me about some big, exclusive deal
doesn't mean I need to use it.
We went into Target not wanting or needing anything in particular.
We didn't leave with anything, which is quite impressive,
but I saw about 50 things that I wanted while I was there.
And the thing was, they were things I wanted for myself,
not for anyone else. 
I just feel like Black Friday kind of takes away from what the holidays are all about.
Yep. I said it.
Not America's proudest day...}

After I scoped out the shopping lunatics,
I spent the rest of my Black Friday doing something every American should be proud of...
attending football games. Duh.

The Pirates won in double overtime.
I snagged a picture with a beautiful fall tree.
And my high school team won their conference championship game 
which means they are now on their way to states.
We call that a win, win, win situation. 

Saturday was full of cousin cuteness
and a little bit of crafting,
cause that's what cute six-year-olds do.

Oh yea, my cute 19-year-old brother does that too apparently.

I'm not really sure when my family decided to reproduce,
but I do know I am glad they did.
One, because hello? They are so stinking cute.
And two, because better them than me!


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