Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Lone Delightful Recipe

You've probably noticed by now,
that I am not much of a cook.
At all.
There's a huge part of me that wants to learn how to cook
real housewife food, from scratch
with the correct seasoning and spices.

I don't hate the kitchen.
In fact, small kitchen appliances and dishes 
are some of my most favoritest things.
I would love to have delicious food to prepare and serve on those dishes. 

I do, however, hate following recipes.
I literally get a small does of anxiety when I try new recipes.

First, there's buying all those ingredients.
The grocery store is stressful enough.
Having to find some strange new spice 
that comes in a quart size tub, when you only need a pinch
is frustrating, to say the least. 

And figuring out all those measurements. 
I've definitely been known to pull out trusty Mr. Gallon a time or two.

Then there's the inevitable mess that you're left to clean up afterwards.

And it's true when people say that food always tastes better
when you didn't have to cook it. 
Usually by the time I'm finished cooking, 
I'm not even hungry anymore. 

Anywho...with Thanksgiving quickly approaching
(like tomorrow) 
I've acquired a newfound braveness 
and am feeling quite apt to try a brand new recipe.
(Insert panic stricken face here)

Obviously, due to my lackluster culinary skills,
I am not expected to bring anything to the trillion and one Thanksgiving dinners Robbie and I will be attending this year
(oh yea, we get around on the holidays. More on that later.)
but, dare I say it, I think I'd like to try.

A few weeks ago, one of my teammates made the. most. delicious. pumpkin thing
for a baby shower at school.
I don't even like pumpkin
and I went back for seconds. 

As soon as I leave school today
(at noon by the way. thank God for half days.)
I will be heading to the grocery store to buy the ingredients 

It's 50 shades of delicious.
At least it was when Jenna made it.
We'll see how it goes this afternoon.

Now, if I can just find evaporated milk without having a panic attack.


P.S. For a whole slew of other recipes that I'm too scared to try,
check out THIS board on Pinterest!

P.S.#2. That's kind of a lie....I've tried soooooome of those recipes. 
The ones that require very few ingredients
and brain cells!

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