Sunday, March 24, 2013


Monday. Monday. Monday.
I feel like we see each other way too often.

I'm linking up with Sami today
to fill you in on all my weekend shenanigans.

Except, not really.
There were no real shenanigans this weekend.
But you can click here to see what everyone else links up.
I'm sure someone was scandalous this weekend.


After going to school dressed like this

Gotta love Wacky Tacky Day

I drove to Wilmington with my mom 
and met my stepsister, Caroline, 
for the most delicious Mexican dinner ever.

It was so nice to be able to catch up with mom on the drive there
and then with Caroline at dinner. 
While we were there we visited my Memom at the rehab center
which always results in some laughs.


I woke up earlier than usual
and tried to surprise my husband with breakfast in bed.
He, however, had stayed out a little too late with his friends
and was not quite feeling my 9 am french toast.
That little stinker.

I snuck in some playtime with this sweet boy and his mama

and then cried about how big he's gotten.
I mean, he has TWO teeth for crying out loud.

Saturday afternoon, Robbie and I went to see Olympus Has Fallen
and oh em gee. It was so good.
Let's just say, if you are ever in a state of emergency,
Gerald Butler is the man to call.

Robbie's good friend from Greensboro stayed with us Saturday night
and I realized while I love having people stay at my house,
I'm really not the best hostess. Whoops.
The boys played Playstation and I watched the Blindside.
Not a complete bust of a night.


We woke up and went to church with my mom and stepdad.

And then parked our tooshies on the couch 
to watch LOST.
I remember how everyone was OBSESSED with this show.
We're about halfway through the first season
(yes we watched it all day)
but I'm still not seeing the need for all the hype.
I mean don't get me wrong,
we watched a good five hours of it yesterday on NetFlix
but it's definitely not one of those shows I would sit through commercials for
or even be able to wait week to week before watching another episode.

There was a brief momentary lapse of judgement
when I decided to leave the snuggly warmth of my couch
and treck out into the cold, gray, drizzle 
to go grocery shopping.
Apparently only the crazies go grocery shopping on cold, rainy Sundays.
The crazies and the screaming babies.

Disclaimer: I am not hating on all you mamas with babies.
I know that sometimes babies scream
and honestly, I can't blame them for screaming at the grocery store.
Sometimes I feel like I would if I could.
However, it does make grocery shopping a tad bit difficult,
as I'm sure you already know.

Now here we are again,
at the start of another week.
Except today I'm dressed as the Cowardly Lion
(seriously, I have the best job)
and it's a short week before Spring Break. Whoop.

Happy Monday dollfaces!



  1. Hahaha oh my god I'm so obsessed with the outfits. That was my favorite back in the school days. Twin day was my favorite. But I did that every day...

  2. I love finding teacher's blogs - not all about teaching! I was a kindergarten teacher, recently turned housewife/occasional substitute after we got married and I miss my sweet kinder babies so, so much! Dress up days were always so fun! I was constantly convinced to be the "it" girl by the older teachers I worked with when it came to any crazy themes or activities. But I must say I lived for pajama day!

    So happy I ran across your blog! I'll be living vicariously through your teaching days!

  3. I wish I could dress up every day without the whole "being a teacher" thing attached. So jealous of all of your costumes and fun outfits!

  4. I've never watched Lost either! I didn't see the hype! I want to see the Gerard Butler movie, I'll see anything with him in it ;) Thanks for linking up!