Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Things that make my heart smile.

Do you ever have those moments
where you feel like your heart is literally
going to burst out of your chest 
because it is so full of love and happiness?

Yea, they're the best.

Usually they happen for me 
over the littlest of things,
but that's what makes it so great.

Like when my kids finally get something 
that they've really been struggling with.

Or when they rock out to KidzBop during Recess. 

Those aren't my kids, but you get the idea.

One of the biggest things that makes my heart burst 
is when Robbie and my brother, Carter, hang out together.
I know it sounds stupid, but hear me out.

Carter and I have always been really close. 
When we were little we used to talk about all the things
we were going to do together when we grew up. 
Family vacations, holiday celebrations, day trips to Busch Gardens (we were 11), etc.
We always promised each other, 
that we would only get married to someone that the other absolutely 
loved and approved of. 

Clearly we've always been really attractive too.

Now that we're actually getting kind of close to the whole 
"grown-up" thing (I know technically I'm there, but shhh)
it makes me so happy to see some of those things actually happening.
Especially the marriage part.

There is nothing that means more to me
than the fact that my husband and my brother,
two of the most important men in my life,
can have a relationship together. 

The fact that Carter supports us 
and always has, is extremely important to me
(and Robbie. Asking for Carter's blessing was just as important to him as asking for my dad's.)
But the fact that they, on their own, have also become friends
means the world to me. 


Hope your heart is bursting with something happy today! 


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  1. That is so sweet! I think it's awesome when you can have a relationship with your significant others' family on their own merits, not just because you all love the same person.