Monday, March 18, 2013

Radiant Monday

Top o' the mornin to ya!

I know, I know.
It's not St. Patrick's Day anymore.
But talking like a leprechaun really shouldn't be limited to only one day.

While we all get back into the routine of our weeks,
some of us still nursing a green beer hangover,
I have got the greatest treat for you!

I found Kristen's blog a few months ago
and have found that she has quickly moved her way on up
to my number one read each day.
Girlfriend is hilarious.

When she mentioned swapping blogs for the day
I just knew I had to jump on it.
I mean, who couldn't use a good laugh on a Monday morning?
Literally - I LOL'd when reading this post.
And I hope you do to, unless you're at work
trying to be sneaky.


Hey there friends of Marianna!  I'm Kristen from This Radiant Life.

Marianna and I decided to go all Parent Trap on you guys and execute a little swaperoo.

Oh LiLo, how far you have fallen from your glory days.  **Sigh**

In contemplating my takeover of Marianna's blog, I couldn't help but constantly come back to how beautifully complimentary the two of us are.  I say that, because I am learning just how different we are, but yet we're like two cute little pre-teen redheads: we work together pretty well.  Take, for instance, our pet situations.



I mean, look at the size of their heads in relation to their bodies!  Clearly, I'm like the Jewish Grandmother of the pet world, feeding her cat until his head disappears in proportion to his body.  Marianna's dog looks kind of like one of those cheesy caricatures next to my cat.  That's the fault of my cat's fatness, not her dog having a weird head.

Next up, how we dress for work. I'm not going to lie, I'm super jealous of Marianna being a first grade teacher... she gets to do fun dress up days all of the time!



The big difference?  I have to wait and wear a fun outfit once a year, while Marianna has the ability to declare fun dress-up days when she wants.  Talk about some serious power!

And last but not least, I have to talk about where we live, and our weather.



 Apparently, bloggers in NC have a slightly different interpretation of "big snow storms" than those of us bloggers in "those big square states out west" do.

All in all, while we have so many surface differences, I know that at the end of the day, Marianna and I both love to write, to inspire, and to make people laugh.  And since we've got those things in common, it's fair to say that we probably won't be going the way of Lindsay Lohan anytime soon.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

And if that last picture doesn't convince you to stop by my blog, I don't know what will.  Oh, wait.  Marianna's over there today hanging out, so go say "Hello!" to the person you originally came to see today =).


I mean, seriously
she had me at LiLo.

(Oh and if you didn't read that Parent Trap quote with a fake British accent, we may not be able to be friends anymore.)

Head on over to This Radiant Life right now to say hey to me,
but more importantly to read more from this funnay girl!



  1. totally read the Parent Trap quote in Lilo's poor attempt at a British accent. Love it.

  2. Thank you for letting me do the blogging for you today! You are fantastic =)

  3. Bahahaha - you are both too funny! New follower on bloglovin'! =)

  4. Oh seriously, how far as LiLo fallen...