Tuesday, March 19, 2013

there can only be one Justin

Disclaimer: Remember how I hate Tuesdays.
Well yea, this should help.

Hi, my name is Marianna
and I am addicted to Justin Timberlake.

This addiction has been going on
since about 1998,
and just when I think I'm about to turn a corner, 
something like this happens

and I'm right back where I was.

I realize the first step is admitting there's a problem.
but I'm not really sure it's a problem.

If loving Justin Timberlake is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

I didn't know Justin during his Mickey Mouse Club days,
however, it's clear to see that he's deemed for success.
Oh Britney...if only we could have warned you then.

But as soon as I saw that N*SYNC concert special on Disney Channel,
I was in love.
What 10 year old girl wouldn't be?

Even those platinum blonde curls made me swoon.

{True Story: I had that exact same poster folded up in my journal. I couldn't dare hang it on my wall - it was way too scandalous.)

And just for the record - while I also liked the Backstreet Boys
it was never a real competition. 
N*SYNC was the best, hands down.

Unlike most "boy band wonders",
Justin didn't disappear after the group fizzled. 

He came back with a vengeance,
and started sitting at the cool kids' table. 

I'll let the irony of this picture just sit for a while.

He became quite the ladies man,

But like every respectful southern gentleman,
he found what he liked the most and put a ring on it.

He became a sort of kind of movie star

And then this happened.

I don't even really like SNL
(I know I know, who am I?)
But this guy cracks me up!


To sum it all up,
Justin Timberlake is the epitome of the perfect guy.
In line right after my husband, of course. 
Handsome, funny, and a little bit bad (we all remember that Super Bowl nip slip).

Brit Brit - ladies everywhere understand and feel your pain.

Cue Drake Best I Ever Had now.



  1. omg this post just made my day. I adore Justin, I can remember that very first Disney special too! Him and that bright white/yellow curly white-man fro, I die.

  2. Justin was great on MMC. Every now and then, Disney will do a marathon of all things MMC, and I have to watch. JC. Christina. Kerri. RYAN GOSLING. Justin. Britney. It just makes my life complete.

    I cried the day that Lance came out, even though it was long after 'NSYNC had gone the way of New Kids on the Block.