Monday, August 26, 2013

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Hey, blog, hey!

It's 6:30 on a Monday night - the first Monday night back at school (with kids). I've been up for 13 solid hours. I'm half way through my second diet coke of the day. And still kind of riding out the NSYNC reunion high of last night.

(Except really - it was barely a reunion. More like The Justin Timberlake Show with about 5 seconds of NSYNC back up. Which, as much as I loved NYSYNC, I have noooo problem watching JT take over. Now if I could just find a way to get Jessica out of the picture - I know we'd be perfect together!)

But I'm not here to blog about the VMAs. I'm not really here to blog about much of anything. The combination of a whirlwind first day, extra caffeine, and limited sleep have my brain all jumbled. Plus I can think of eleventy million other bloggers who probably have much more witty recaps of all things MTV. So just do what I do, and read their's.

I will say I'm pretty pumped about the school year. I miss my babies from last year a whole bunch and have loved seeing them in the halls as BIG second graders. It makes my new firsties look extra wittle. I always forget what a difference it is - ending the year with one group and starting from scratch with a batch of hardly-out-of-Kinder-babies.

But it is so, so, SO nice being in the same grade again! Obviously all you teachers know that each year you revise and tweak and find better ways to do things. Which definitely happened between my first and second years. But being able to be in the same grade and actually revise, tweak, and revamp the same kind of stuff makes life ten times easier.

Now, that's not to say I haven't been running around like a crazy person these past few days (hello lack of a recent blog post) and I'm still no where close to knowing what I'm actually doing. But there's a teeny increase in comfort each time.

{Sidenote: I may or may not be singing a completely different tune after the second day of school ha.}

Today was also a super special first day, because it was Robbie's first day too (kind of). If you're new around here, Robbie graduated in 2011 with a degree in History and Sports Studies. He's since then gone back to school to get his teaching license add on. So basically all the "education" classes. And this year he starts his student teaching! So today we both woke up early squirrely, grabbed our packed lunches, and headed to our respective schools.

I tried to take a "first day of school" picture of us together, but he was not in the mood. Little does he know, come January when he's full time, he doesn't get a choice! Mwuah-ha-ha-ha.

That's all I got folks. Happy Monday!

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  1. Yay so exciting for Robbie? Is he doing HS or MS?

    I got moved and it was the most stressful first day yet. Trying to plan new material and I am teaching dual subjects. I know the first year you are teaching a new curriculum but I think I was riding on the happy train of OMG my first job!!