Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh Hay August Hay (6 days late)

I had a completely different post planned for today but then I realized that it is already August 6 and if I'm going to make goals for this month I better actually make that happen before the month is over.

If you've been hanging out for a while, you'll vaguely remember this list I created and failed to finish am still working on. I love lists and I love goals, but sometimes I change my mind about certain things and not everything gets accomplished like I originally envisioned.

But we'll give this a shot. Maybe my mind will stay set for at least the month so I can get these things done.

  1. Walk my sweet Willow at least one night a week. It's important to be realistic in goals. And make sure Roxy gets lots of sweet treats since she can't join us for the walk.
  2. Revamp my gluten-free diet and stick to it 100%.
  3. Host an outdoor movie night.
  4. Get my class room set up and ready for another wonderful school year.
  5. Mooch as much river time off my parents as I can. 

I think 5 is a reasonable number. 

August is such a big month. It's the start of lots of new things and it can be very easy to get wrapped up in everything coming up that you forget to enjoy what's still going on. I want to cherish every hectic, exciting moment of August and not let the anticipation of fun things to come cause me to miss the fun things happening in this moment. 

And just because you could probably use some Tuesday cuteness:


P.S. Go check out my pinteresting post on Kaeley's blog. And say hey to that sweet lady too!

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