Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Goals That I'm Determined to Actually Meet

Apparently I love making goals, yet suck at actually meeting them. I have now publicly (through this blog) set two different set of goals and have royally sucked at completing them. And there I was thinking I had so much drive and determination. whompwhomp.

But instead of learning my lesson or hanging my head in shame, here I am again. Setting more goals that I probably won't reach am going to try extra, extra hard to make happen.

I signed up for Kaylin and Amberly's Marriage and Relationship goal link up a while ago and get email reminders (as they promised) each week. Yet I've never actually followed through with a blog post. Until now.

With school starting for both of us, we're getting back into a pretty steady routine. Which is good and bad. I like routine and actually thrive off of having things planned out. However, I get really tired of monotony really quick and thrive off of not having to follow a schedule or a clock. (How's that for oxy-moronic?)

Fall is such a busy but FUN time! And Robbie and I both have a lot of fun things coming up, most of which we'll be able to share with each other. BUT I want us to still just have "us" time. Away from the football tailgates, away from Halloween parties. There are few things I love more than spending the entire day watching Grey's Anatomy reruns snuggled on the couch with this hunk a burnin love.

Sidenote - this picture was taken in DC in front of the Ford Theater where Lincoln was shot after my history nerd husband gushed "there's just so much history on this street." I was looking for the closest Starbucks...

So...here we go.

This month (September) I will...

- "Unplug" for the night. Putting down the phone/computer/ipad and actually spending time connected to my husband, not social media. (I know technically goals are supposed to have a measurable component but I'm not sure exactly how much or how often I want to unplug, I just know I want to make a conscious effort to spend less time reading my Twitter newsfeed.)

- Go to church every Sunday with Robbie. Going to church regularly not only starts my week off on the right foot, but makes me feel closer to Robbie.

- Initiate Table Tuesdays. I know this one sounds silly, but we will eat dinner together at the table every Tuesday night.

- Run weekend errands together instead of alone. Robbie will probably hate this one because we can be ten times more efficient when we're by ourselves. BUT sometimes weekends are spent running all over the place getting things in line for the upcoming week and that's time we lose together.

I realize technically I still have a good week left of August and I damn well plan on starting these now. But for the sake of organization, we'll refer to them as "September goals".

Wish me luck!
Marriage & Relationship Goals

If you want to link up too, which you totally should, head over HERE and follow the very short, easy rules of the game!



  1. These are all perfect goals!!! :) The unplug one is great, I need to get back to that because I've gotten distracted from it. And I love Table Tuesdays. We don't eat together near often enough with my husband's late schedule and I eat two dinners if I end up waiting for him. I'll have to try that! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Your first sentence is me to a 'T'!! Good luck, my dear!!

  3. Good luck! I always set goals and never follow through... I'm working on that!

  4. I need to do a table Tuesday myself girl, while we always eat together, it is often in front of the TV on TV trays while Sawyer chills at his little table in his playroom haha. We need to try to see each other at the game this weekend!!