Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hump Day Full of Lies

Disclaimer: The snow finally came! And it's glorious! Sure we've got another snow day that we're going to have to make up. But at least this one came with actual snow!

I am so ill right now. Like unbelievably ill. Just for the record, it is still currently Tuesday evening, despite what the title of this post leads you to believe. I'm just hoping that by the time I publish this bad boy, on Wednesday, my ill mood will have subsided and I will have been able to add an updated disclaimer to the beginning of this post.

Apparently New Bern was expected to be hit with the blizzard of all blizzards yesterday. Almost a foot of snow predicted for some areas. We were put on a winter storm warning, bread and milk flew off the grocery shelves, and school was cancelled before we even went home Monday afternoon.

Now, don't get me wrong. Normally I pray for random days off from school. Especially during the months of January-March. The span from Christmas Break to Spring Break draaaaags on, so any and all interruptions are usually welcome.

However, there's something to be said for normalcy too. And thanks to random threats of winter storms, we haven't had a normal week since coming back after Christmas break, a month ago. Two-hour delays, snow days, freezing rain. Add on top of that middle of the year assessments we've been busting our butts to get done all month. It's been rough.

Plus, every day we miss is a day we have to make up. And because we live in Eastern NC, we don't have days built in for snow. Because, let's be real, when does Eastern NC ever get snow.

Oh, that's right...never. Hence my extremely ill mood right now. School was cancelled for today due to "snow". However, I have yet to see a single flake. I think there was about 3 minutes of freezing rain a few hours ago. But that's about it. I'm still waiting on our predicted 6-12 inches.

It's annoying because yet again, my whole week has been thrown off - I was still playing catch-up from last week. And we're going to have make this day up who knows when. And even worse, I'm going to have to listen to 20 first graders complain about not being able to play in the snow.

Dear Weathermen, I know you're trying to keep us safe. However, all you're doing is building up the hopes and dreams of ENC children everywhere only to crush them all when, yet again, you're wrong.

In other news - I was able to get some pretty productive things done yesterday. Like my partial new blog design. It's not completely finished but I like where it's going. Plain, clean lines, simple.

I also convinced Robbie to take pictures of me for Mix it Monday. I'm co-hosting next week and I'm pretty excited! I was wishing to have a snowy backdrop but eh, it is what it is.

Oh and I also finally caught up on #RichKids of Beverly Hills where I learned the importance of differentiating between the people you hang out with at night vs. the people you hang out with during the day. Obvs you should be much more selective with your day time friends. At night it's like, whoever. Also, don't smile at strangers - you'll waste the collegian in your face. And ain't nobody got time for that. #lifelessonsforreal.


  1. My mom teaches in Wake County and she said they have to go to school on Saturday to make up a "snow" day?! That is ridiculous!! Hope you actually get some snow if you've got to have a snow day!

  2. I completely understand what you're saying about normalcy... but I would much rather them call off school, using the most accurate information that they had available at the time (when models were showing snow arriving early Tuesday morning) than to end up with a situation like Atlanta had yesterday.