Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm the kind of girl...

....who clearly doesn't blog everyday. My bad.

....who has to sleep with at least three pillows, all to herself.

....who talks about her dogs as if they were her children.

....who packs her lunch and picks out her outfit the night before.

....who loathes blow drying her hair.

....who would rather spend $11 at Taco Bell than Sephora.

....who drinks cheap white wine out of red wine glasses (they're bigger).

....who doesn't shave her legs all that much in the winter. #sorrynotsorry

....who can watch the same Law and Order: SVU episode over and over again because she never remembers the end.

....who secretly kind of hates being by herself.

....who can talk to her mama about anything.

....who surprisingly gets really shy around new people. (She's an introverted extrovert.)

....who refuses to watch the dog abuse/starving children commercials. Seriously, she would adopt them all if she could.

....who has high, sometimes naive, expectations of people.

....who loves to gossip, even though she knows thou shalt.

....who sometimes gets really worked up over stupid, little things and

....who sometimes gets really worked up over things totally worth getting worked up about.

....who currently has about 10 different 5-year plans in the works. Who knows what could happen.

....who thinks everyone should just mind their own business about things that don't directly effect them.

I'm the kind of girl who loves God, her husband, and having a good time. The kind of girl who's still just trying to figure it all out. The kind of girl who secretly hope she never fully does...


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