Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Things We Almost Forgot About.

I always have a hard time with New Year's because my brain doesn't work in calendar years. Maybe it's the teacher in me, but my years go from August to June. I base everything on school years. So when I think back about what's happened over the last year I can't help but think about what happened last school year. Consequently, when I think about making plans for next year I think about next school year. It makes January tricky. Never mind the fact that I have a horrible memory and forget everything that's not written down (hence the blog).

But I realized the other night, as I watched some year in review thing on E!, maybe?, that there were a lot of really big things that happened in 2013 that I've already forgotten about. They were so HUGE at the time, according to my Twitter newsfeed at least, yet now here we are at the end of the year and these monumental things almost slipped us by.


Paula Dean's fiasco
- Apparently Paula Dean doesn't like black people as much as she likes butter. This was one of those things that, in my mind got blown way out of proportion. Paula Dean said something she probably shouldn't have years ago and suddenly people who didn't even know who she was hated her.

Reese Witherspoon got arrested
- I object! This is still kind of hard to believe, but also kind of makes me just love her more.

- Actually, this is one thing I'm still trying to forget. Has it been 72 days yet?

Amanda Bynes went crazy and then got normal??
- Apparently rehab was just was the doctor ordered because now Amanda is showing up actually acting and looking like a normal person. It seems like only yesterday she was setting sidewalks on fire.

The Jonas Brothers broke up
- Which I'm sure made Christmas really awkward this year. My only question do brother's "break up"? I think the more apt description for their circumstance would be that they are no longer making music together. Hopefully they're still a family.

Beyonce and Jay-Z traveled to Africa
- Or was it Cuba? Either way, they went somewhere for their anniversary and apparently that was a big no-no. But hey, you can't stop the Queen.

P.S. I can only hope to look that good the next time I travel illegally to another country. 

Anthony Weiner
- Apparently even politicians enjoy a good sext every once in a while. Although I'm not sure why this surprised anyone. Especially with a name like Weiner. I'm convinced it was all just part of his campaign plan.

Miss Utah
- And every other dumb beauty queen we've had to endure lately. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "at least she's pretty".

And God bless Giuliana Rancic for keeping a semi-straight face through the whole thing.

The Red Wedding
- I don't know what this is because I don't watch Game of Thrones. But apparently a lot of people do. I heard enough about it to know that it was a pretty big deal. And that it was called the RED wedding because of all the blood shed.

Fake Girlfriends
- Manti Te'o is apparently a big football star. However, after 2013 he will forever be known as the sucker who fell in love with a fake girlfriend.

Kristen Stewart cheated
- And every Twi-heart died a little on the inside. I don't really like anything about Robert Pattinson but I  like even less about Kristen Stewart. Therefore I hated everything about this story.

Harlem Shake
- I completely forgot about this craze. Probably because I never really understood what it was.

Justin Beiber's monkey
- Amongst all the other crazy Justin antics we had to deal with in 2013, Justin apparently pissed off a bunch of monkey activists by carrying his pet monkey around on his shoulder, Aladdin-style. I think the fact that he even had the monkey was cause for alarm, to which I agree. That boy should not be allowed to care for anything, especially a cute wittle monkey.

Abu looks ten times happier than the Beib's poor monkey.


No one knows for sure what 2014 will bring. But we can always count on our fav (and not so fav) celebs to keep us thoroughly entertained with a whole new slew of forgettable moments!


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