Monday, January 13, 2014

What Had Happened Was...

You see, I had big plans last night. To kick my feet up, pour a glass of wine, and watch the Golden Globes. I was even going to blog about my reactions while I watched it, making my Monday morning blog post a helluva lot easier.

So there I am pre-gaming with E! Live From the Red Carpet when my sweet muffin husband comes home from the grocery store with part 2 of the final season of Breaking Bad.

The next thing I know, it's way past my bedtime and I've missed what, according to Twitter, sounded like an awesome awards show. But what can I say. I can't resist the temptation otherwise known as Walter White. Color me obsessed.

Apparently though, I'm not the only one, again according to Twitter. Breaking Bad won big last night. As they should.

Anywho....I'll spend my Monday catching up on all the winners and losers of last night's events, as well as all the fashion dos and don'ts. I'm looking at blogland to help with this process, so I'm really hoping you girls have something good for me.

Oh yea, and counting down the minutes until I get off work and can go home and watch more Breaking Bad. We're getting so close to the end. 

Peace out brussels sprouts.

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