Friday, February 14, 2014

Mushy Gushy Valentine

I know I mentioned this yesterday - but y'all. Valentine's Day in First Grade is seriously the best thing ever. I know there are a lot of V-Day haters out there. And I get it. It's a stupid holiday really.

A stupid good holiday.

Our day at school today was filled with chocolate, sugar rushes, ninja turtle valentines, heart stickers, crayons and love love love. (But no glitter...ain't no body got time for that.)

Most everything is more enjoyable through the eyes of a child. I've just come to realize that is a universal truth that we must all accept. They love everything. And get excited about everything. And on a day all about love, isn't that how it should be? Heck, that's how it should be everyday.

The valentines pencils I got them? You would think they were made of pure gold. And watching them open each individual valentine from all their "very best friends" really is the cutest thing ever. 

To top it all off, it's Friday. And if that's not reason enough to love today I don't know what is.

Because after those sweet little firsties opened all their valentines and took cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies, and juice boxes straight to the face they got sent home to share the sugary love with their parents. While I got to come home, crack open a bottle of wine and snuggle in with my valentine for the night. 

Valentine's Day = best holiday ever (or at least in February.)

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